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The global digital signage market, valued at $16.88 billion in 2015, is expected to reach $27.34 billion by 2022, according to the Digital Signage Expo (DSE). That’s a stunning number and a compelling reason for you to attend DSE March 27–30, in Las Vegas, NV.

From now until the show, we’ll share exclusive interviews with some of DSE’s top exhibitors. In this edition, Brandy Alvarado discusses the value of DSE to rp Visuals, and what attendees can expect from the company at this year’s show.

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Brandy Alvarado Why DSE?
rp Visuals (RPV) does the show for a number of reasons. One, our customers are there, and it’s great to catch up and show them what’s new. Two, we’ve been doing the show for a number of years, and having our brand represented in the digital signage space is very important. And lastly, a number of our manufacturer partners exhibit, so it’s a great way to collaborate and see what innovations they are bringing to the marketplace.

What will you focus on at the show?
Our focus is #CreativeVisualStructures. We’re not just a mount manufacturer. We’ve actually taken that word out of our vocabulary, because it does not convey what we truly do. The nature of our business is 100-percent custom visual structures. These solutions take the building out of the equation and become a part of the architecture and customer experience. Regardless of the technology, our team of engineers and solutions specialists works with AV consultants, display manufacturers, architects, and integrators to bring their concepts into reality. We’re also very excited to be in Vegas, where we are the mount of choice for all of the major race and sports books in town.

What about your solutions is notable for integrators?
We bring a few notable things to the table. One, custom solutions for all types of display technology—LED, flat panels, OLED, and projection. Secondly, we’re known for taking on challenging projects and exceeding expectations. Projects that are large, curved, tiled, or architecturally integrated are some of the challenges we’re accustomed to. And lastly, rp Visuals also offers installation services for our products to integrators—which integrators can use or not use depending on their work load. In today’s busy times this is a real benefit.

What about your solutions is notable for technology managers?
We have a number of tools and resources that technology mangers need. Things like room planner tools, to light calculation tools, as well as a vast portfolio of projects to inspire them. We also have case studies and whitepapers available online for additional insight as to how we accomplished certain project complexities. We’ve published article on topics like “Fill Factor: The Next War in Display Technology,” and “The Race to Black: A Unique Look at Projection Systems and Contrast.” We have a passion for creating the perfect image.


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RP Visual at DSE 2014

RP Visual Solutions (RPV) will be exhibiting at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas this week. DSE 2014 marks the second time that RP Visuals has exhibited at the show, with its visual displays and mounting solutions.


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rp Visual Solutions Hosts Open House

Anaheim, CA— rp Visual Solutions (RPV) expanded its sales/marketing offices in March, creating a 10,000 square foot Sales and Visualization Demo Center for all to visit. A special viewing day will be the upcoming Open House on Thursday, October 20, 2011, from 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. at 1275 South Lewis Street, Anaheim