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Lobby Video Walls: An Investment Pitch

Many office buildings spend hundreds of thousands on artwork in their lobbies, and sometimes millions on architectural features designed to make a statement, attract tenants, and impress visitors.

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, and so investments in lobbies, foyers, atriums, reception areas, and even waiting rooms are always going to be money well spent. But for those looking for big results with a lower budget, video walls are the best answer.

Video walls capture attention, they stand out in people's minds, and they can be changed to deliver a new message every day (or at the push of a button).

Elevate the Building’s Profile with an Artistic Video Wall
The advent of the artistic video wall has made things very interesting when it comes to digital signage and media installations. A video wall with a unique design, with angled displays or a mix of display sizes and types, combined with content in 4K (or even better, in 8K) can not only catch the attention of passersby, it can also increase foot traffic—an incentive for businesses like cafes or restaurants to set up shop in the building.

Static artwork and displays can certainly give a nice touch to the lobby, but, after a while, they become too commonplace and easily forgettable. Video walls, on the other hand, allow you to showcase multiple pieces of content at the same time. You can easily change the content—either from a tablet, or by scheduling automatic changes.

It’s a Win-Win
The modern video wall will not only serve as a piece of art, but a revenue-generating tool. In hotels, for example, it can be used for upselling. For example, patrons looking at top-of-the-line rooms will be enticed to upgrade on the spot and staff can offer premium rooms that guests are seeing.

The video wall can even be used for revenue-generating advertising space. Using the hotel example, a beverage company can buy space to entice guests to purchase its particular brand.

And video walls aren’t just methods for displaying content—they can be life-saving. Video walls can be used for important messaging, special campaigns, and building safety during an evacuation.

The Right Solution Will Make Things Easier
A video wall deployment is no menial task. You have displays, mounts, cables, video wall controllers, media players, etc. to work with. A good plan is crucial to ensure the success of the video wall install. Mane sure your plans includes solutions that can give you the power and flexibility to handle whatever obstacle the space puts in front of you.

AV entrepreneur and analyst Tim Griffin is the founder and CTO of Userful Corporation, an industry leading software appliance for AV & IT professionals to easily control large numbers of displays, including video walls and digital signage, as well as interactive content sources from any browser.