Best Practices for Selling to CIOs and IT Managers

The following insight was excerpted from a feature story about Best Practices in SCN’s October 2016 print edition.

When selling to CIOs and IT managers, the message could vastly differ depending on which group you’re addressing.

IT managers are often tasked by the CIO with exploring and evaluating vendors or providers of specific products and services. In this case, your message and position will have a greater impact by highlighting the service differentiator, technical aspects that make your service appealing and occasionally, the price.

Presenting to the CIO, or other C-suite prospects, is a different story. Refining your message to focus on how the service will impact the organization, not on the technicalities, will resonate better with the C-level. For example, how does your product or service improve operational efficiency, collaboration among employees, staff morale, or lower turnover?

The nature of conversations lives at the strategic level. Speaking your audience’s language is key to keeping their ear.