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3 Events Tech Managers Can’t Miss @ InfoComm15

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InfoComm 2015 is offering more dedicated programming and seminars just for technology managers across vertical markets. If you are tasked with system performance, end-user training, and upkeep of installed AV, here are three notable InfoComm classes and events to keep in mind:

1) How to Effectively Manage AV Spaces and Staff (IUPC18)
Saturday, June 13 through Monday, June 15

This class will be taught by John Arpino, CTS-D, Assistant Director for Engineering and Design at George Washington University. As InfoComm states: "Do you struggle to efficiently manage your AV/IT spaces, stakeholders, and staff? Is your time monopolized by putting out AV/IT fires, one after another? It doesn’t have to be this hard. Develop the skills you need to create efficiencies when managing AV/IT resources. At the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Create SOPs that allow staff and end users to effectively and consistently perform AV/IT tasks
• Develop orientation tools and procedures to efficiently onboard direct reports
• Train and develop direct reports on how to achieve your vision of success
• Identify key relationships across your organization that are foundational to your success
• Establish and develop end user relationships through communication

• Develop efficient procedures for service recovery when managing incidents to limit future AV/IT failures

This three day course employs workshop style collaboration and hands-on application of skills. Students will collaborate with other professionals to create, critique and refine documents and practice skills to use on the job; hear from experts on how they efficiently manage AV/IT resources, and practice training methods and apply concepts with peers. They will walk away with job aids and fresh ideas for a more efficient system of managing human and physical AV resources back at their workplace. This is a management course, not a technical course."

2) Technology Managers Reception
Wednesday, June 17, 5:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Location: Orange County Convention Center: W108B

Meet your tech manager peers. Have some snacks. Trade success stories (and horror stories). Make the new connections and see old friends.


3) What Does Future-Proofing Mean for Digital Video Systems Designs? (IS33)
Thursday, June 17, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m

As InfoComm states: "In the digital video world, we all have equipment from many different manufacturers. We install it to comply with industry standards. But how do we make sure that our equipment is also interoperable and will stay that way? This session will define the requirements for future-proof, giving you the latest on interoperability testing over the worst-case scenario. Don’t miss this chance to learn tested ways to make sure that your AV equipment from different manufacturers will actually work together, as you focus on the challenges of current HDMI technologies."


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