Countdown to InfoComm 2013 - Projection Summit -

Countdown to InfoComm 2013 - Projection Summit

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Each year, leading up to InfoComm, I look forward to the “quiet before the storm”, i.e. the opportunity to attend great conferences and other educational sessions that take place before the Exhibit show floor opens.

The annual Projection Summit ranks high on that list for me. This year, it's Monday and Tuesday June 10-11, right before the InfoComm show opening at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando

(See news and agenda for the Summit, at: )

Late last week, I asked Chris Chinnock of Insight Media– who produces the Projection Summit– what we can expect in terms of new/interesting goings-on at this year’s gathering.

“All new this year”, Chris explained, “is a side-by-side demo of five hybrid projectors from five different manufacturers. Alan Brawn is putting together standard content for this and will moderate the presentations and discussions, with plenty of time for attendees to gawk at the differences or similarities.”

Well, we can’t call it a shootout, but should be interesting.

“Also all new is a session on collaboration – mainly geared to the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. Barco (ClickShare), Mersive (Solstice) and TideBreak will all describe and demonstration their solutions.

“I’m also looking forward to a new addition to the Summit: a session on 4K projection with Barco, Sony and Lang. Speakers will focus on market opportunities for 4K (besides cinema and post) and ways to reduce cost.”

Chinnock also said that DNP will demonstrate the system contrast ratio measurement developed by InfoComm. And he’s hyped by a demo of a new 6P (6 color primaries) 3D laser projector.

With the scheduled updates on laser devices, laser regulation, market sales data, projection components, and 3D projection, the Projection Summit should deliver the goods in Orlando.


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It would not be InfoComm if we didn't have the annual Projection Summit. The Summit– under the leadership of Chris Chinnock of Insight Media– has been a great forum, year after year, for presenting in-depth, the very latest technology and marketing trends for the industry.

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David Keene– There’s no better way to kick off InfoComm each year, than with the annual Projection Summit. The Monday-Tuesday Summit, that took place on the eve of the InfoComm show last week, tackled not just tech issues–everything from Laser-based digital cinema projectors, to certifying projectors for “Green”, to B

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