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Get Fiber'd Up

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Optical fiber use is heating up just as surely as summer in June. First it was Google Fiber. Then, AT&T. And now, Century Link. Everyone is getting fiber’d up for 4K video and Big Data apps. In about 12 to 18 months, when all those services and more are in full bloom, you’re going to be feeling the heat, too. Here are a couple things you can do between now and then, according to FiberPlex Technologies.

Graft in optical to existing copper infrastructure. Sure, copper’s days are numbered, but you don’t have to rip out all that copper cabling from the ‘80s and ‘90s in one day. Add fiber one branch at a time. FiberPlex's SFP/SFP+ modules let you run optical into a copper network by converting between the two.

Beef up fiber capacity without trenching for new fiber cable. FiberPlex's WDM-16 active wave division multiplexer can run 16 channels at 3 Gb/s each down an existing fiber pair. In fact, one college saved almost $400,000 in trenching costs by using the WDM-16 in front of an existing fiber network installed years ago.

Extend an existing fiber build-out. Add to an existing multi-mode optical fiber network with newer, faster, longer-range single-mode optical fiber. FiberPlex's FOI-6010 gives you bidirectional communication between the two.

Go for the green. We’re not talking Franklins, either, although the cost of optical cable systems are now on par with copper systems due to advances in fiber and the high cost of copper. Large corporations love green initiatives, and it doesn’t get any greener than optical fiber. Energy efficient. Lower maintenance. Reduced cabling heat. Fiber’s list of green benefits is as long as a warm summer day.


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