Calibre UK HQView320s manage, warp and blend images for VJs and VIPs at Optimus Alive! -

Calibre UK HQView320s manage, warp and blend images for VJs and VIPs at Optimus Alive!

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Portuguese multimedia and live events experts Dub Video Connection relied on none other than Calibre UK HQView320 switcher/scalers to scale, map, blend and process various projected images at the VIP area and VJ stage set at the Optimus Alive! event during Summer 2013.

Dub Video Connection provided a variety of video and multimedia content integrated with audio in several areas of the festival. “Calibre UK HQView320 switcher/scalers ensured that the images were perfectly aligned on various surfaces in the VIP area and VJ stage set. In the VIP area, the HQView320’s corner pin correction feature was utilised to scale and blend images onto the unusual surfaces. In the VJ area, multiple video sources were switched using the HQView320 switcher/scaler,” said Nilton Pereira Achega at Dub Video Connection. “The Calibre UK equipment is reliable and robust to handle a variety of computer and video inputs.”

Pauline Brooksbank, managing director at Calibre UK says: “Our HQView320 includes 4-sided soft edge blend for seamless blending of multiple projectors and flexible geometry correction functions to correct image shape and projector alignment by dragging and dropping each image corner, or by pin, barrel, rotation, or by keystone rotation. Full warp mapping is also incorporated.”

Optimus Alive! is a music and arts festival organized by Everything Is New and sponsored by Optimus, which takes place in the Alges riverside, in Oeiras, Portugal. The first edition took place in 2007 and has since achieved considerable popularity both inside and outside of Portugal.

The Dub Video Connection showreel can be seen at: 


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