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3G AV Upgrades Audio System For Knitting Factory Concert House

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Boise, ID––The Knitting Factory Concert House recently underwent an audio upgrade with a new PA system installation by 3G’s AV Install Division.

A part of Knitting Factory Entertainment, which includes other venues in Brooklyn, NY and Spokane, WA along with record companies, event management and production, the Concert House caters to a wide variety of performers.

As COO Greg Marchant points out, “It’s a 1000 cap room with a mezzanine on top and a VIP mezzanine to the right. We generally have standing audiences with some seated shows occasionally. In terms of performers, we have everything. The first five artists with the new system included country, EDM, hip-hop, classic rock and heavy metal. We really put it through its paces.”

That new system includes five d&b Yi8 and Yi12 cabinets a side with four d&b B22-SUB subwoofers under the stage. Two d&b E8 speakers provide front fill and two 12S-D are in the mezzanine for delays. D&b 30-D four-channel amps power all of the speakers.

For some of us, the name Knitting Factory harkens back to the original New York club that was known for ultra progressive music and leading edge rock and jazz artists such as the Lounge Lizards, Dewey Redman, Anthony Braxton and Cecil Taylor. Thinking of it in the context of Boise, Idaho is somewhat puzzling, but there is logical explanation.

“We’re based in Boise, Los Angeles, New York and have satellite offices around the country,” Greg explains, “but Boise is just a beautiful place to live. And it’s a well-kept secret, with a good labor force and an excellent team of people plus so much of this type of work is done on computer these days.

“The Concert House in Boise and Spokane combine a mid-cap venue with a restaurant, and these elements come together for a very successful combination.

“The vast majority of the acts we book are originals, with occasional tribute bands because they do well. Also well known acts like Kid Rock who want wider exposure. The people who play Brooklyn are more of an eclectic mix while the larger capacity of our northwest venues give us the opportunity to enjoy some great underplays.”

Recently, management decided they needed an audio upgrade to replace the existing system and Knitting Factory’s production manager on the west coast recommended 3G’s Installation team for the project.

According to Greg, “3G has a great eye for detail, they measured the performance space and not only evaluated what brand would work best, but the specific deployment to best cover all of the areas in the room.

“The experience of working with 3G exceeded our expectations in every way. They showed up on time, did their job, trained our staff, they delivered as promised and cared about the install as much as we did.

“Bottom line, we couldn’t be happier with the d&b system. It’s like night and day. The clarity is remarkable. Audio technology has come a long way since our original system and this is the perfect rig for the space. We’re getting full frequency sound and so much more volume from a system that’s half as heavy as the original cabinets. Same thing goes for the number of subwoofers that produce far greater low impact.

“As far as the bands are concerned, everyone who walks into the venue gets very excited when they see the PA. I should also add that a big decision we made in communicating with artist agents involved having the highest level of production capability to give us more of a competitive edge. There’s no dispute we have the best sound system in the state of Idaho and beyond. It’s a great rig and that has definitely raised the bar in the market and given us a competitive advantage.”

Commenting on the installation, 3G Chief Operating Officer Keith Conrad concludes, “We were excited to provide the d&b install series in a venue run by a company with as rich a history as The Knitting Factory. 3G has always been a relationship-focused company and we really enjoyed working with Greg and his team. We look forward to continuing to grow the partnership as the Knitting Factory brand continues to evolve across the country." 

Photos: Please credit Katarzyna Cepek Photography

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