Exterity Extends AvediaStream Transcoder Range

Exterity Extends AvediaStream Transcoder Range

The What: Exterity has extended its AvediaStream transcoder range with the launch of the AvediaStream t5300 and improved t5600. The new t5300 enables organizations to deliver up to 40 channels simultaneously, and the performance-enhanced t5600 now facilitates the delivery of up to 75 concurrent video channels. Both support content delivery up to 4K video quality.

The What Else: The AvediaStream transcoders are high-performance content transformation tools that enable content to be easily converted into a compatible format for delivery to the user’s preferred viewing device, whether that’s a TV/display screen, computer, or mobile device.

Different transcoding activities require varying amounts of system resources. To help identify the remaining transcoding capacity, the AvediaStream t5300 and t5600 track the activity of the device in real time, displaying an easy-to-read usage chart in the user interface. The Transcoder range consists of hardware appliances capable of offline (file-to-file) transcoding, live transcoding, and streaming.

To enable organizations to deploy their IP video system across a wide number of devices, the transcoders automatically adapt the bit rate and resolution to each device’s capability, and rotate the content to fit in the screen, providing vertical images for digital signage or airport flight information displays. Finally, to utilize the infrastructure in the most effective way, the transcoder range can re-encapsulate stream transport container format to match playback devices, or convert between multicast and unicast to pass through routed networks.

The Bottom Line: As video becomes a crucial asset for all sectors, AvediaStream t5300 and t5600 transcoders enable the IP video system to deliver live news, corporate communications, health and safety messages, and promotional content in a seamless way to any connected device. The transcoder range supports the latest industry standards for transcoding, including H.264 and MPEG-2.

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