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Emerging Trends Day Offers Solutions Roadmap

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One of the prime draws of InfoComm is the opportunity to see tomorrow’s technologies today. But how can you tell what’s worth diving into and what’s just a shiny distraction?

On Tuesday, InfoComm and the IMCCA teamed up give attendees a roadmap of what to pay close attention to at the show, as well as things to look for in the coming year. Emerging Trends Day, new for InfoComm 2017, gathered 10 experts in various fields to offer their insight into the most important developments in their respective areas. After their presentations, they were made available for one-on-one questions in the room across the hall.

“It’s really a terrific way to kick off InfoComm,” says David Danto, IMCCA’s Director of Emerging Technologies. “This your opportunity to network and learn and come up to speed.”

Getting things started in front of a packed room of more than 600 attendees, Peter Putman, technology consultant at Kramer Electronics and President of ROAM Consulting, gave a rundown of the hottest topics from this past CES that figure to influence the direction of technology this year. With a lighthearted zeal, Putman tackled subjects ranging from the falling price and increasing resolution of TVs to developments in autonomous cars and drones, as well as trends in signal transport and networking, such as the potential of 60GHz wireless.

The full-day program ran from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m., with an hour break for lunch, and included presentations on microphones, displays, digital signage, collaboration, the cloud and managed services—equipping attendees with insight and talking points to scrutinize all facets of the show floor.



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