Arista Launches ADM-5865BP Large-Format Industrial Display -

Arista Launches ADM-5865BP Large-Format Industrial Display

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 The What: Arista Corporation has launched the ADM-5865BP Large-Format Industrial Display.

The What Else: Available in either black or white finishes, the ADM-5865BP is a 65-inch Active Matrix TFT LCD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. With a maximum resolution of 1920x1080, the LCD display area is protected by tempered glass to last in challenging environments.

The display also is capable of integrating optional add-on modules, including a CPU module, an HDBaseT receiver module, an AV-over-IP receiver module, and more—enabling a wide range of applications and installations to run in a variety of environments. Integrating the CPU module into the underside of the ADM-5865BP adds embedded PC capability to the display, converting it to an interactive whiteboard. Equally notable, the HDBaseT or AV-over-IP receiver module improves installation and cabling, as well as reducing the cost of installation, repair, and maintenance.

As the module is swappable, replacing it does not require taking down the ADM-5865BP display. This feature also makes the process of upgrading the module easier.

“The ADM-5865BP is a terrific looking display that is rugged and specifically designed for use in commercial environments,” said Paul Shu, president of Arista Corporation. “Combined with the available swappable modules, the system gains a wealth of functionality while being easy to service in the field. I believe many AV integrators will find much to like with this versatile system.”

The Bottom Line: Designed specifically for use in manufacturing, warehouse, digital signage, and related commercial applications, the Arista ADM-5865BP delivers high-resolution display functionality with the added benefit of integrating Windows embedded PC capability.


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