Top Integrators 2022: Technology Trends

SCN Top 50 2022 Technology Trends
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Along with the SCN Top 50 Systems Integrator 2022 list, we polled a selection of leading firms on industry hot topics.

Dale Bottcher, AVI-SPL

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Dale Bottcher, EVP, Global Sales and Marketing, AVI‑SPL
Hands down, it’s enabling cloud interoperability. This applies to seamlessly connecting UCC platforms so anyone can join any call from any application or device. It also applies to centrally managing an entire UC or meeting room estate by connecting the vendor-specific tools under one holistic monitoring and management tool, like AVI-SPL Symphony, for a complete picture of technology performance and usage.

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Mark Vitt, TRITECH Communications

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Mark Vitt, EVP, Corporate Development, TRITECH Communications
Not sure of the hottest, but the tide of video collaboration usage has risen beyond what we predicted in 2021. Clients are educated, focused, and planful when making platform (Webex, Teams, Zoom) choices. This has positively impacted many areas of the business, including design, installation, service, remote monitoring, etc. Designing AV systems in VR is a technology we have included in our client engagements. This has been invaluable when making quick decisions on display sizes, camera locations, etc.

Matt Goff, IES Communications

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Matt Goff, Business Development Manager, IES Communications
Videoconferencing systems will continue to be very hot due to the work-from-home trend continuing to be common. Most organizations are now adopting at least a hybrid work-from-home policy as employees seek out this "benefit." Videoconferencing will help connect all the organization's employees working at the office and remotely, allowing a smooth inter-company communication experience. We are seeing a move away from the older, expensive VTC systems to lower price point videoconference platforms.

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Fred Loucks, Level 3 Audiovisual

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Fred Loucks, Chief Technology Officer, Level 3 Audiovisual
Remote AV operations ala monitoring, remote access/support, change management. AV systems have exploded—there are more meeting rooms than ever before and scale requires the right tools, etc.

Todd Hutchins, USIS AV

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Todd Hutchins, CTO, AV Principal, USIS AV
Amplified by hybrid work models, devices that can be managed and supported remotely and as a segment, managed services overall, which we’ve seen from manufacturers more now than ever. Organizations where employees are not at a physical space full time create strong use cases for proactive monitoring and resolution to combat issues before they have a negative impact or require someone to be on site. Another growth area will be computer-based control systems where we might see the slowdown of centralized control and more and more technologies like BYOM, BYOD, etc.

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Dennis Wang, Golden Star Technology

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Dennis Wang, COO, Golden Star Technology
Hybrid work experiences, even faster cloud adoption, and internal/external security requirements.

Rachel Mele, President, Metinteractive

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Rachel Mele, President, Metinteractive
Extending events beyond the four walls of a venue by bridging the gap between in-person and virtual. 

Stephanie Whalen, Paladin Technologies

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Stephanie Whalen, VP, Marketing and Communications, Paladin Technologies
Trends we’re anticipating for 2022 are holographic imaging, advanced hybrid work models (VTC), augmented reality, LED video walls, and metaverse.

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