Top Integrators 2022: Back to Normal?

SCN Top 50 2022 Back to Normal
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Along with the SCN Top 50 Systems Integrator 2022 list, we polled a selection of leading firms on industry hot topics.

Has your company returned to “normal” operations?

Theresa Hahn, USIS AV

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Theresa Hahn, VP of Client Success, USIS AV
“Normal” is rather subjective, highlighted by the fact it’s now often written in quotes (see above). I think our emphasis switched to “extraordinary operations” somewhere between pandemic, supply chain shortages, and talent wars. Are we delivering projects, increasing our workforce, building a company? Yes. Are we doing it the way we did in 2019? We are not. Challenges have inspired better ways of thinking, more efficient ways of working, and highly creative solutions, at a rate much faster than we would have during “normal” operations.

Jeremy Elsesser, Level 3 Audiovisual

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Jeremy Elsesser, President and CEO, Level 3 Audiovisual
Yes, our company has returned to “normal” operations. We have long embraced a hybrid work model that allowed us to continue effectively without significant change in our business operations.

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Dennis Wang, Golden Star Technology

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Dennis Wang, COO, Golden Star Technology
Yes, GST has returned to “normal” business operations. A number of employees come to the office every day or are on a hybrid work schedule. I am curious to see the long-term effects of this 2-3-year period on company cultures and values. We see no pushback by clients for on-site field installations or projects.

Rachel Mele, President, Metinteractive

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Rachel Mele, President, Metinteractive
Yes, although for the most part COVID-19 did not have a huge impact on our operations. Many of our team members were already working remotely prior to 2020, so our operations were set up to be able to handle the transition extremely well. Although some job sites were shut down and that certainly impacted us, where we could we voluntarily paid a premium to workers to work a second shift to maintain safety on site at a time when other contractors were not able to maintain full crews.

Dale Bottcher, AVI-SPL

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Dale Bottcher, EVP, Global Sales and Marketing, AVI‑SPL
Yes, we’ve returned to “normal” operations with a new hybrid work model we designed from employee feedback about their ideal workplace experience.

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Stephanie Whalen, Paladin Technologies

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Stephanie Whalen, VP, Marketing and Communications, Paladin Technologies
Mostly! We are very grateful that many of our sites were deemed essential service throughout the pandemic. This allowed our teams to continue working, while aligning a work-from-home model for those with remote capability. As a fast-growing company, it is important to us that our team members are in office, as our field teams are on site. This approach, although flexible, ensures strong collaboration, as well as nimble, quick decision making for our clients.

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Matt Goff, IES Communications

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Matt Goff, Business Development Manager, IES Communications
Yes, we have a diversified business around many types of customers and various technologies, and we have seen our offerings increase as new technologies are being implemented, especially in the cloud infrastructure space, education, healthcare, manufacturing, warehouse, and public spaces.

Mark Vitt, TRITECH Communications

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Mark Vitt, EVP, Corporate Development, TRITECH Communications
Revenue, bookings, and backlog have returned to normal levels. We have a number of open positions to fill and continue to face the challenge of finding qualified candidates. Our office-based teams are working primarily in the office, with some remote work as needed. The field teams are, of course, back on site full time.

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