Top Integrators 2022: Challenges for 2023

SCN Top 50 2022 Biggest Challenges
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Along with the SCN Top 50 Systems Integrator 2022 list, we polled a selection of leading firms on industry hot topics.

What do you expect to be the biggest challenges for your company in 2023?

Stephanie Whalen, Paladin Technologies

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Stephanie Whalen, VP, Marketing and Communications, Paladin Technologies
Like many, Paladin’s challenges are the delays within the supply chain and hiring talent. The recruitment, engagement, and development of our people is of utmost priority for our business. Further to our people, it is sourcing and deploying product to our clients’ sites. The two challenges impact one another as well; without product or people, we cannot fulfill our commitments to clients. Fortunately, we have not failed on our commitments to date, and we are working tirelessly on new strategies to mitigate these existing challenges.

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Joe Legato, USIS AV

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Joseph Legato, VP of Operations, USIS AV
The pandemic fallout continues to present supply chain challenges, as well as the voluminous need for manpower scalability. Supply chain delays can result in slowed project completion, further compounded by peak project levels. We’ve moved "almost-instant" resource scalability to the forefront of our strategic planning, allowing us, as best as possible, to adapt to client needs while juggling our industry’s resource crunch in manpower and hardware availability.

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Rachel Mele, President, Metinteractive

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Rachel Mele, President, Metinteractive
The supply chain challenges will continue to be a concern into 2023. Additionally, we are growing at a rapid pace. This means we must pay attention to our company's talent. Typically, fast growth can lead to stressed-out employees and low morale. We are dedicated to ensuring the demands we are making of our team are manageable—and they are able to maintain a good work-life balance while also growing with us to meet their own personal goals.

Mark Vitt, TRITECH Communications

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Mark Vitt, EVP, Corporate Development, TRITECH Communications
Supply chain, of course. Finding qualified talent. Navigating the impact of a recession on the AV industry. The latter is our primary focus at the moment, as we balance the high tide of video usage against the reductions in force we are seeing from select verticals (technology, financial services, etc.).

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Dale Bottcher, AVI-SPL

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Dale Bottcher, EVP, Global Sales and Marketing, AVI‑SPL
We see a very bright future ahead for our industry and for AVI-SPL. For us, the greatest challenge to achieving our vision is hiring talent at a pace that’s in sync with our strategic growth plan.

Matt Goff, IES Communications

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Matt Goff, Business Development Manager, IES Communications
The biggest challenge for IES in 2023 will be navigating the global supply chain issues and chip shortages. These shortages have created barriers to meeting project deadlines due to the long lead times for material delivery. In most cases in 2023, AV designs will need to be revisited and redesigned to align with current product availability. This issue is a constantly moving target that requires excellent planning and coordination.

Dennis Wang, Golden Star Technology

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Dennis Wang, COO, Golden Star Technology
Supply chain, fluctuating commodities pricing, softer demand, and recession.

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Jeremy Elsesser, Level 3 Audiovisual

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Jeremy Elsesser, President and CEO, Level 3 Audiovisual
Supply chain continues to be a top challenge along with talent acquisition. 


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