WOW Factor Engaged—Watch These 3D Billboards Bring Customized Content to Life

Two animated pandas coming to life in 3D, jumping off the side of a billboard.
(Image credit: LianTronics)

The 3D billboard craze is one that certainly grabs our attention. Whether they are on the side of buildings in busy city squares or on display at tradeshows, one simply can't stop and stare when objects seem to come directly at you... especially when you don't have to wear those silly red and blue glasses of yesteryear.

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A dog wears retro 3D glasses with soda and popcorn.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

LianTronics is doing just that, bringing the wow factor in more than 30 projects across more than 20 cities. Whether it is cute little pandas jumping off a billboard or a car coming right at you at ISE 2023, LianTronics "The WOW" glasses-free 3D solution brings customized content to life. 

First, check out some of the amazing work in various cities on this fun LinkedIn video.  Then, take a look at this YouTube video to see some cool features and how it all comes together. 

Wayne Cavadi
Content Manager

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