The Rise of Do-It-Yourself Education (Inside Higher Ed)

"DIY has become pervasive in our culture. In part it is fueled by the internet, most particularly by YouTube. In part it is energized by time and money savings. It is further driven by the possibility of personalization and customization to meet individual needs just in time and just in place. More than 50 percent of the DIY-ers are between 24 and 44 years of age, and the numbers are growing. This trend is immutable now; it is continuing to grow in numbers and expand into new fields every year."—Source: Inside Higher Ed

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People today want personalization — this had led to a rise in DIY culture across various fields. Read why some students are forgoing traditional degree programs to chart their own course of learning. This raises some big questions for institutions — what should be done to connect with these self-directed learners?