Systems Contractor News Friday Rewind: 5 Stories You May Have Missed this Week

SCN Friday Rewind
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Not everything has to be breaking news. Take a look at the five stories that created a buzz this past week on the AV Network.

Winners of InfoComm Best of Show Announced

AV Technology, Digital Signage, and Tech&Learning Announce Winners of InfoComm Best of Show.

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InfoComm 2022 was a huge success, and while it may have come and gone in the blink of an eye, this year's winners are still generating a buzz. 

Click here for AV Technology, Digital Signage, and Tech&Learning's full list of the winners of InfoComm 2022 Best of Show.

Planar booth at InfoComm 2022

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From virtual production to shipping concerns, InfoComm attendees had plenty to discuss in June. The show welcomed 19,681 verified attendees from more than 110 countries and all 50 U.S. states, while 522 exhibitors showcased innovative Pro AV products and solutions across 294,500 square feet of the North Hall and new West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Here are five trends Cindy Davis, content and brand director of AV Technology, noticed while exploring the show floor.

Click here to see all five trends that aren't going away any time soon.

Rust Never Sleeps...and Neither Do Display Manufacturers


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The title of Neil Young’s memorable 1979 album could just as easily describe the electronic display industry, which is constantly in search of the “next big thing” in imaging—and is engineering a major paradigm shift as you read this.

That shift represents a move away from displays that use shuttered, transmissive light with color filters, such as liquid-crystal displays (LCDs), to emissive displays that produce colors of light via high-intensity emissions of photons, such as organic and inorganic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs and iLEDS), along with enhancements like quantum dots (QDs).

Click here for the next big thing.

Beyond the Tech: Do You Go the Extra Yard?

Beyond the Tech

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We have all heard the expression “going the extra yard,” and we all know what it means, right? Using a quick online search to see what is out there, you'll find it defined as going beyond what is “necessary or expected in order to please someone, achieve something, or get something done correctly.”

Doug Kleeger, CTS-D, DMC-E/S, XTP-E, KCD, and the founder of AudioVisual Consulting Services, is good with that. Now, what does that mean to us as service providers and to our industry in general?

Find out here and if a Billy Joel Q&A offered context to the conversation.

Tried-and-True Wins the AV Heart and Business

Control Concepts’ Steve Greenblatt suggests how client centric strategies can ease AV industry product and labor shortages.

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Every industry continues to contend with global business challenges related to product availability, labor shortage, and rising costs. Clients, service providers, and manufacturers are scrambling to find solutions to address needs within the AV industry and sustain businesses.

Since all manufacturers are dealing with similar challenges to produce and deliver products and all service providers are wrestling with the same extensive equipment delays and staffing issues, the opportunities to gain (or keep) a competitive advantage may come down to the tried-and-true methods of providing personalized and attentive customer service and top-quality support.

Read more from Steve Greenblatt, CTS, president, and founder of Control Concepts, here.

Other top-viewed newsmakers from the past week:

d&b powers Coldplay's 2022 tour.

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