Son of In-Ceiling Speakers: More Products for Your Consideration

Last month, SCN took a deep dive into the hybrid world of in-ceiling speakers. We polled five experts and provided 16 in-ceiling speakers for you to consider on your next installation. You can read that roundup here.

Well, after a week at InfoComm 2024 and simple word of mouth, we found a few more to add to your list.

Theory Professional ic6

The Theory Professional ic6 in-ceiling speaker.

(Image credit: Theory Professional)

Via careful processing and computer-optimized tuned ports, Theory's ic6 delivers low-frequency bandwidth, punch, and resolution. Even when used in foreground music applications, no subwoofer is necessary. The ic6 also offers extremely wide dispersion to highest frequencies so the coverage area is massive, even when installed in low ceilings. 

Made from premium materials including a carbon fiber woofer, compression driver, and aluminum back can, the ic6 offers a maximum output of 112dB. It can be used in any residential or commercial installations, surround sound or distributed audio installation, and even outdoors when paired with Theory’s optional all-weather grille or bollard housing. The ic6 can also be installed in open-ceiling and exposed environments when integrated into one of Theory’s pendant housings. For large, distributed installs, the ic6 includes a switch-selectable 70V/100v transformer that can be driven direct by Theory’s DLC Loudspeaker Controllers.

Holosonics Audio Spotlight AS-24iX

Holosonics in-ceiling speaker.

(Image credit: Holosonics)

This in-ceiling speaker is a little different from the rest of the list, but SCN's own Mark J. Pescatore was so impressed by its powerful sound technologies at InfoComm 2024 that it deserves mention.

The Audio Spotlight X-Series is a directional audio technology that creates sound in a very narrow beam. The form factor replaces a standard 24x24-inch ceiling tile and enables users to add highly focused sound to specific locations without disturbing the immediate surroundings—or to create multiple isolated sound zones in a single shared/open space. The larger Audio Spotlight AS-24iX with SoundBeam technology offers the strongest output and deepest low frequency response of all models. This parametric sound beaming device is designed for competing with noisier environments or areas requiring more coverage. 

Sonance James VXQ Range 

Sonance VXQ in-ceiling speakers.

(Image credit: Sonance)

These Sonance speakers feature the unique Quadratech tweeter with Cymatic diffuser technology. The VXQ range is IP67 rated, ensuring durability and reliability in various environments. Users can configure their VXQ speakers when ordering, with the ability to choose between a standard Micro Trim grille or a Trim-less grille in a selection of standard colors at no additional cost. Additionally, these speakers can be configured with an enclosure and/or a 70V transformer to meet specific application requirements.

Axis C12 Network Ceiling Speaker Series

The Axis Communications C12 Network Ceiling Speaker Series.

(Image credit: Axis Communications)

The AXIS C12 Network Ceiling Speaker Series is scalable and flexible, making it an ideal option for background music, paging, and scheduling daily messages stored in the speaker. It blends seamlessly into the ceiling plane and includes two I/Os, programmable LEDs, microphone, DSP, and more. The PoE speakers are available in two configurations: AXIS C1210-E 6.5-inch coaxial and AXIS C1211-E 4-inch dynamic cone.

Each speaker is a complete system and includes built-in AXIS Audio Manager Edge configuration software to design systems with up to 200 speakers and 20 zones. (AXIS Audio Manager Pro is available for larger applications.) Using SIP, the speakers can easily integrate with a VoIP phone system. Users can perform remote health monitoring, weekly scheduling, and setting priorities via the cyber-secure web browser.

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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