Peerless-AV Introduces New Large Venue Projector Mount for Rental and Staging Applications -

Peerless-AV Introduces New Large Venue Projector Mount for Rental and Staging Applications

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The What:  Peerless-AV has launched a new Large Venue Projector Mount (PJR250). An extension to Peerless-AV’s projector mount product line, the PJR250 is designed to provide a quick, safe, and simple installation. It is particularly designed for rental and staging settings where products in venues may frequently change.

The What Else: The PJR250 features a low profile, pre-assembled design with a Hook-and-Hang system and unique dedicated adaptor plates that support all major large venue projector brands.

Peerless-AV Large Venue Projector Mount (PJR250)

Peerless-AV Large Venue Projector Mount (PJR250)

“In developing our Large Venue Projector Mount, our team focused heavily on the impact that the design would have on the installation process,” said Nick Belcore, executive vice president of global sales and marketing, Peerless-AV. “Including options like the Hook-and-Hang feature as well as dedicated adaptor plates was a must for this solution. We wanted integrators to be able to install and un-install large format projectors as seamlessly as possible.”

The PJR250's dedicated adaptor plates place the center of gravity in the middle of the mount, simplifying adjustments; these adaptor plates can reduce installation time by eliminating the need to install legs.

It also includes a safety cable for assurance when handling and installing large projectors, as well as integrated cable management, allowing the cables to be routed through the projector mount.

The Bottom Line: The PJR250 features horizontal adjustment up to 3-inches as well as tilt (+15/-5°), roll (±5°), and swivel (360°) adjustment, which are lockable to prevent shifting to the image once installation is complete. The product is available now.