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New DVDO Encoder/Decoder Simplifies Real-Time Visual Communication

DVDO H264/5 Encoder/Decoder
(Image credit: DVDO)

The What: DVDO has introduced the DVDO-H264/5-Encoder and DVDO-H264/5-Decoder (opens in new tab), designed to convert Full HD 1080p video from any HDMI source into high-quality H.264/5 streams over IP for use in video walls, matrices, and live broadcasts.

[The Integration Guide to Video Walls (opens in new tab)]

The What Else: DVDO-H264/5-Encoder plugs into any HDMI video source, such as Bluray players, PCs, laptops, and cameras, and converts the video into an H.264/265 stream over IP. An encoder can be paired with a decoder to transmit Full HD 1080p video streams up to 330-feet via a single Ethernet cable run, along with audio, USB, and bidirectional IR/RS232 control. The transceiver set is also PoC capable, so only one power source is required to operate both the encoder and decoder.

The Bottom Line: Using an Ethernet switch, a single video stream source can also be distributed to multiple decoders paired to displays, acting as a video splitter for public information display purposes. In addition, using an iOS or Android app, multiple sources can be configured in a matrix and routed to multiple displays in a wide range of configurations, simplifying video wall (opens in new tab) setups.

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