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Neoti Provides LED Display for the University of Kansas

Neoti Provides LED Display for the University of Kansas
  • Neoti handled the design and installation of backlit nameplates above each locker at the Anderson Family Football Complex with a ribbon-style narrow pixel pitch LED display. Neoti also trained KU staff in ongoing content production. The result helps establish their athletics facilities as one of the most advanced in the NCAA.
  • The LED display consists of Coleder Ace Block 1.56mm panels linked together above 13 different locker sections that range in width from 3 feet to 50 feet. The total combined width of the entire display measures 334.6 feet, while the total combined dimensions measure 65,280 pixels wide by 216 pixels high. This gives the entire display a pixel density of over 14 million pixels.

“We wanted something more dynamic and engaging,” said Jeff Love, Director of Football Technology at Kansas. “Something that would give the room that extra ‘wow’ factor. Although the scale and resolution of the display posed some complex challenges, Neoti was able to come up with a custom solution that addressed all of our needs.”

In order to install the display above the current lockers, Neoti created a bracket system, then collaborated with Coleder to manufacture a wiring system designed for the single-panel-tall installation. Neoti also utilized multiple media servers with 12 4K-capable outputs to provide KU with an easy-to-use content mapping system. Finally, Neoti employees trained KU staff on content production and remote content control so that they could quickly produce new content using a laptop or mobile device, as well as instantly change the display in order to match locker-room lighting or other video effects.

“From planning to implementation to their ongoing support, Neoti has delivered what we wanted,” said Brad Nachtigal, the Associate Athletic Director Operations / Capital Projects at Kansas. “I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with a vendor that does exactly what it says it is going to do, especially when it comes to a technical project as complex as this.”

“These cutting edge displays truly separate our locker room as one of the finest in the country," added David Beaty, the Kansas Head Football Coach.

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