NAB 2022: SDVI to Showcase Media Supply Chain Optimization

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SDVI will take advantage of the in-person 2022 NAB Show to reconnect with colleagues, partners, and customers from across the industry. The company’s booth will be designed to facilitate safe, personal interactions, with comfortable seating and an open, airy design, making it an ideal place to reconnect with colleagues and make new connections. 

The company will also be showcasing its latest developments in media supply chain optimization, including net-zero emissions, highlight new additions to the already powerful Rally platform, introduce new partners in the Rally application services ecosystem, and provide examples of business transformation enabled by the SDVI Rally media supply chain platform.

So, what's new for SDVI at the 2022 NAB Show?

Rally Media Supply Chain Optimization Platform

SDVI will showcase its market-leading media supply chain optimization platform, Rally, along with two recently introduced companion services, Rally Insight and Rally Connect. Rally Insight is a data analytics and visualization service that helps operators understand how their supply chains are running by turning supply chain data into interactive graphical dashboards. Rally Connect is a content exchange service that simplifies and accelerates the process of receiving and delivering content and metadata between supply chain partners. These two services extend the value of the Rally platform in ways that are meaningful to supply chain optimization: First, by adding new levels of intelligence to help spot optimization opportunities, and second, by interconnecting supply chains between business partners to eliminate duplicate work as content moves from one company to another.

Rally Insight Debut

The 2022 NAB Show will be the first public showing of the new Rally Insight data analytics and visualization service that SDVI introduced in the fall of 2021. Rally Insight brings supply chain data to life in the form of interactive charts and dashboards. Turning mundane supply chain data into rich graphical visualizations, Rally Insight helps supply chain operators more quickly spot issues in their supply chains, identify areas of improvement, and better understand how their infrastructure is being utilized.

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Rally Application Services

The applications used to process content in various ways as it moves from step to step are a key part of any media supply chain. Rally makes these applications available as on-demand consumption-based services, and the list of available application services will be up to 50 by the time of NAB. This partner ecosystem will be another highlight of the SDVI 2022 NAB Show presence, which will showcase application service partners and, in particular, the 14 new partners that joined the platform since the beginning of 2021.


(Image credit: SDVI)

Net-Zero Supply Chains

Earlier this year, SDVI rolled out a new sustainability program, which enables customers to achieve net-zero supply chains this year. The new SDVI program offsets emissions from both the operation of the Rally platform as well as the emissions from third-party Application Services running on the Rally platform, meaning Rally-managed supply chains are completely carbon neutral.

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