Light It Up: LynTec Solutions Shine Bright at FirstBank Amphitheater

LynTec shines bright on FirstBank Amphitheater.
(Image credit: LynTec)

LynTec is providing simple, web-enabled, on/off power control, and monitoring for FirstBank Amphitheater's concession and perimeter lighting and future broadcast studio. Integrated Production Solutions (IPS) installed LynTec's patented RPC Breaker Panels, RPCR Relay Panel, and XPC Series XRS 20 Rack Sequencer to ensure the proper power up and shut down of the venue's lighting system and other audio and video components.

"This isn't like leaving one light on in your restroom," said Bryan Levy, project manager for IPS. "With a project this big, it's 97 lights in the restroom. If you have hundreds of fixtures, do you want to wonder if you've got everything off after everyone's gone home? With LynTec, you can log into the interface from anywhere, click a button to shut everything down, and call it a day."

LynTec shines bright on FirstBank Amphitheater.

(Image credit: LynTec)

The Franklin, TN venue's LED lighting features are numerous. The installation includes architectural lighting that illuminates the jaw-dropping cliff, as well as perimeter, concession, step, VIP seating, and emergency lighting. With all the lighting systems required throughout the space, it was critical that each fixture be powered down completely after each performance. Although LEDs are built to deliver incredible brightness, years of use, and cost savings over incandescent fixtures, they must be fully shut down to reap those benefits. Otherwise, they can fail prematurely and drive up energy costs unexpectedly. Another obstacle for the amphitheater was that lighting components were yards away from each other, making the task of turning them off manually time consuming.

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No stranger to lighting systems, the operational costs behind them, or the management they require, IPS relies on LynTec power distribution and control solutions to bring power control efficiency to lighting—as well as audio and video systems. For FirstBank, IPS first pulled roughly 7.5 miles of fiber cabling, which would provide the venue operators with the infrastructure to control everything, from the d&b audiotechnik VIP PA system to the lighting. From there, the company installed a LynTec RPC 383 84-circuit main panel—along with two RPC 329 42-circuit secondary panels mounted 600 feet away for the concession and perimeter lighting from Cameo—which illuminates more than 800 feet of rock face. The emergency lighting panel is running high-voltage power that's fed from a generator through a transfer switch to the third RPC 329. In addition, IPS installed an RPCR-8 8-relay panel and an XRS 20-rack sequencer to bring power to the rack of the artist's studio, which the owners have plans to expand in the future with broadcast capabilities.

LynTec's patented RPC Series of advanced, self-contained controllable breaker panels, and its RPCR Series of controllable relay panels, all deliver easy remote setup, control, and monitoring. With web-enabled control and monitoring, they allow remote operation of up to 168 motorized circuit breakers—or up to 12 breaker group zones—using a single controller. The XPC 1RU rack-mounted XRS 20 Rack Sequencer is powered from a 20-amp circuit, to provide control to three separate duplex receptacles with independent relay switches for onboard sequencing. All solutions feature LynTec's built-in browser interface to control and monitor the systems from any remote location via a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. The programmable software platform includes built-in scheduling along with sequencing and voltage protection that can be customized for optimal power management. Further, it grants flexible lighting and AV control across multiple control zones and multiple control protocols, including HTTP, Telnet, sACN, DMX, RS-232, or contact closure control systems. From LynTec's GUI, users can select the protocol for each zone as well as set up, troubleshoot, control, and monitor the status remotely across existing networks from any connected computer or handheld smart device. The system also can send alert notifications via text or email to warn of panel anomalies.

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"FirstBank Amphitheater emphasizes the evolution to sophisticated AVL systems that make efficient and effective power distribution and control a must," said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. "Whether it's a large venue like FirstBank with a multitude of lighting fixtures or a small house of worship needing to optimize their budget and the longevity of their AVL components, our affordable power solutions deliver the simplest way to manage the power going to these systems."

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