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Io Audio Technologies Releases KORE Series of Cable Protectors

Io Audio Technologies Releases KORE Series of Cable Protectors

The What: Io Audio Technologies has released a the KORE series of heavy duty cable protectors that safeguard audio, power, and industrial cables against damage from trucks, material handling equipment, and people.

The What Else: The cable protectors are a temporary solution for shielding cables in work zones or live event situations. The cable protectors have a multi-channel design that helps keep cables organized and separated into 2, 3, or 5 channels.

Bright yellow tops and caution symbols are visible to oncoming vehicle and foot traffic to warn of the ramp in the road or walkway. The KORE Series cable protectors have a skid resistant rough pattern that will also prevent people from slipping in wet conditions.

The Bottom Line: The rugged cable protectors are easy to setup and can accommodate cables up to 1½ inches in diameter. The ramps feature a single piece design with a top hinged lid for easy access, the KORE Series has a high impact resistance and dynamic load bearing properties of up to 8 tons.

With a puzzle piece design, interlocking the ramps is easy and requires no tools for assembly or breakdown.