How Utelogy is Driving the Future of Connected Workplace User Experiences

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Utelogy is redefining the user experience in today’s increasingly connected global workplace. The company has been increasing its headcount across EMEA and the United States, and has also grown its U.S. presence with new headquarters in Petaluma, CA, and additional offices in Seattle, WA, and New York City.

Over the past year, Utelogy has met the growing trends of the hybrid workplace with  new product releases including High Availability, U-Manage Analytic Tiles, Microsoft Teams Integrations, and enhanced cybersecurity measures. Utelogy is also working closely with many leading manufacturers to onboard them onto the Utelligence Program to ensure the creation of feature rich drivers.

The company’s ongoing technology innovation demonstrates its total commitment to supporting the changing needs for AV and IT professionals for intuitive and cost-effective estate management solutions.

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“There’s no one approach to building, integrating and managing the types of connected AV environments global users will need for growth and success,” said Kevin Morrison, CEO of Utelogy. “It requires continued industry collaboration and an openness to listen to what employees need to do their jobs more efficiently. That mindset is the foundation of Utelogy’s platforms and the driving force of our success.”

Utelogy’s Growing Partner Network

Utelogy is continually growing its global partner network to meet the increasing demands of enterprise customers. Recently onboarded partners include EOS IT Solutions, Kinly, and Pro-Tech to complement Utelogy’s long-standing partner relationships. Each unique collaboration shares the common goal of delivering outstanding and consistent AV experiences, enhanced productivity, and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

The company’s Utelligence Program, developed to drive agnostic and standards-based security for AV and UC devices has continued to grow this past year with many additional manufacturer partners anticipated to come onboard in early 2023. Current members of the Utelligence Program include Barco, Bose, Cisco, GUDE Systems, Lightware Visual Engineering, Logitech, Sennheiser, Sony, Yealink, and others.

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Another example of Utelogy’s innovation for industry collaboration is the “Beyond the Conference Room” initiative. This program is designed to integrate the Utelogy platform with other elements of the workplace such as booking systems for deeper analytics, IoT, and BYOD to support the ever-growing hybrid workforce. Utelogy will continue adding new features to its platform in 2023 allowing customers to elevate their AV/UC management capabilities and deepen how they visualize and use their data.

Upcoming Utelogy key products and feature enhancements include:

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) Enhancements: Utelogy will enhance its MTR management offering for effectively and proactively monitoring and managing MTR environments for both software and hardware endpoints. New features will include call quality metrics, remote management and updating of USB peripherals, real time Teams data and remote support via screen sharing.
  • API Enhancements: Upcoming integrations of the Utelogy platform will make it easier for integrators and customers to work with the company’s APIs and derive the information most valuable to them and their workflows.
  • Data Transformation: Utelogy’s goal is to transform the way our customers visualize and present their system data for a more fluid, richer, and improved user experience, through new features such as a federated architecture built for performance, enhanced data analytics reporting tools, configuration management database (CMDB), and health rollup.

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