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DVDO Announces “One to Show, One to Go” Dealer Demo Program

DVDO “One to Show, One to Go” Dealer Demo Program
(Image credit: DVDO)

DVDO is discounting demo units up to 75 percent off retail for its entire line of pro AV connectivity devices through February 28, 2021. Qualified DVDO resellers are invited to purchase two units of each DVDO model; one set for installation at the dealer’s own office/showroom, and one set to demonstrate at a customer site.

“You really need to see our new products for yourself,” said DVDO CEO Doug Fealtman. “These new AV connectivity solutions make it possible to precisely customize seamless digital experiences for collaboration, learning, and entertainment as audiovisual communication becomes more critical in our professional and domestic lives at outstanding values.”

DVDO's “One to Show, One to Go” dealer demo program is designed to familiarize installers with the "limitless combinations of AV connectivity and configuration" now available from DVDO. The limited-quantity demo program includes free domestic ground shipping, and dealers are encouraged to email with their reseller license info to gain immediate access to demo pricing on the entire DVDO line.

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