Daktronics LED Displays Improve the Fan Experience at Indiana State

The new centerhung and LED displays are shown at Indiana State's basketball court.
(Image credit: Daktronics)

When Sycamores fans returned to the Holman Center this summer on campus at Indiana State University (ISU) in Terre Haute, IN, they were welcomed by an improved visual experience manufactured and installed by Daktronics. A total of 21 LED displays were delivered with the focal point being the new six-display centerhung suspended above the action.

“We are pleased that the generous gift from the Hulman family has come full circle as Daktronics puts the final touches on our state-of-the-art scoreboard,” said ISU athletic director Sherard Clinkscales. “This addition certainly puts an exclamation mark on the renovation that our local and state lawmakers have so generously given to this centerpiece of our community. I look forward to our enhanced gameday atmosphere while providing our sponsors with more exposure to showcase their services. This is a huge win for the university, athletics, and the community.”

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The main four displays on the centerhung each use 3.9-millimeter pixel spacings and feature outward curvatures to appeal to audiences throughout the venue. The sideline-facing displays measure approximately 15x24.5 feet and the end-line-facing displays measure approximately 10x16.5 feet. Each of these displays is capable of variable content zoning allowing each to show one large image or a combination of all the live video, instant replays, statistics, graphics, and information fans crave.

The new centerhung and LED displays are shown at Indiana State's basketball court.

(Image credit: Daktronics)

On the underside of the centerhung, two displays featuring 2.5-millimeter pixel spacings angle toward the sides of the court to appeal to fans in those areas. Each display measures nearly 6x13 feet to deliver crisp, clear imagery to fans and eventgoers. 

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“The new centerhung and ribbon displays really bring the arena to life for Indiana State and their student-athletes,” said Daryl Mihal, Daktronics regional sales manager. “It’s been great working with the school and their team, and we’re excited to see everything come together for them this season.”

A new ribbon display is mounted along the seating fascia at each end of the arena. These two ribbons each feature 10-millimeter pixel spacings and measure more than 3x97 feet. Above the entrances and exits to the seating bowl, four additional vomitory displays are installed. Each of these features 10-millimeter pixel spacing and measures more than 3x16.5 feet.

Along the sidelines, nine LED scorers tables were installed. Each table features 5.9-millimeter pixel spacing and measures 2.5x6.5 feet. They can be set up and combined in any configuration to meet the needs of each event held at the Hulman Center.

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Together, these ribbon and scorers table displays supplement the main centerhung system to deliver additional statistics and imagery while also providing the opportunity to highlight sponsors throughout events.

Daktronics will also be including a complete Show Control solution. This industry-leading control system provides a combination of display control software, world-class video processing, data integration and playback hardware that forms a powerful yet user-friendly production solution. In addition to the equipment installation, the Sycamores will also receive a content package that will be produced and delivered by Daktronics Creative Services.

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