Ciceron's Eckland to Present Best Practices in Digital Communications

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CorpComm Expo announced that Andrew Eckland, CEO of Ciceron, will present a seminar at 3 p.m. on the second day of the Nov. 15-16, 2016 event at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

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The presentation by Eckland, entitled “Best Practices in Digital Communications,” will discuss employee advocacy and how to best engage and motivate employees to speak on behalf of the brands for which they work.

Attendees will learn why employee advocacy is a critical component for any business, how to engage all departments in an employee advocacy program and to understand how employee advocates can completely transform their business in the digital space.

“At CorpComm Expo 2016, I am going to be sharing a few key best practices that I have seen when working with organizations of all types – large and small – for how they organize themselves to make technology work better for them,” said Eckland. “Specifically, I am going to talk about employee advocacy programs because I believe really well-oiled programs that take into account the myriad human factors that go into them, are the ones that deliver some of the very best results that digital technology has to offer.”

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