Check Out Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland's 134-Foot-Long LED Upgrade

The new Exterior LED video display at Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland.
(Image credit: SNA Displays)

SNA Displays retrofitted an outdated façade display at Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland with a 134-foot-long LED video display. We sat down with Pete Simon, SNA Displays’ sales director for out of home, to find out more about the new, eye-catching display.

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SCN 1-on-1: 5 Things to Know About the SNA Displays Installation

The new Exterior LED video display at Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland.

(Image credit: SNA Displays)

SCN: How long did the project take from start to finish?

Pete Simon: The demolition and main installation period took three weeks, and then another week on site to install the custom-fitted façade corner, cladding, and bird proofing.

SCN: What was installed and why was it selected?

PS: SNA Displays installed a 16mm EMPIRE Exterior LED video display that measures 18.1x134.5 feet (345x2,560 pixels) and is combined with customized LED video sticks for a tapered corner piece. The LED strips were built at 160mm wide and are self-contained units that allow for full video content and pixel-perfect control. 

They wrap the corner of the building creating a tapered, extended visual. The resort needed a better-quality, higher-resolution video display, and the new screen has approximately 50% more pixels than the previous one. ACCENT LED sticks were the right product for the corner piece given their versatility in being able to show high-end video or dynamic lighting effects, and of course they play well with our conventional video display products.

SCN: Were there any challenges in the installation? 

PS: The display and cladding systems had to be carefully surveyed, designed, and installed to fit the existing structure without any gaps to prevent birds from roosting behind the display. Hundreds of linear feet of cladding were measured and fit precisely to match the building facade, including the custom-angled building corner with LED strips, wrapping from north to west elevations.

SCN: What content is being displayed?

PS: The LED spectacular is primarily used to promote upcoming events and activities at Live! including concerts at THE HALL.     

SCN: What has been the response from the casino/customers?

PS: The response to the new display system has been great. The casino was appreciative of the SNA Team and the final outcome. 

“The team at SNA Displays is top notch,” added Ryan Dewey, director of audio visual at Live! “Their project team is very attentive and very easy to collaborate with. We are very happy with the end result of this project.”  

You can find out more in the case study at SNA Displays.

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