Carousel Releases Software Update for BrightSign 4K Media Players -

Carousel Releases Software Update for BrightSign 4K Media Players

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The What: Carousel Digital Signage has released new 7.4 software for enterprise-class digital signage. 

Carousel Digital Signage releases 7.4 software update for BrightSign 4K Media Player

The What Else: The update adds support for BrightSign’s complete range of 4K media players, offering customers a simpler path to a complete 4K Carousel and BrightSign solution as well as more powerful video and graphics.

The previous release (7.3) reduced the amount of time and labor required to configure, deploy, and manage players across enterprise networks. These new integration efficiencies were chiefly tied to new auto-provisioning benefits including high-speed player configuration, remote firmware/software updates, and secure storage of player settings for simplified management and troubleshooting.

The Bottom Line: The new 7.4 release gives integrators and network operators an easier path to 4K while retaining the enhanced integration and management features of the previous release.


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