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AVEC Panel Focuses on Digital Signage Topics

Camille Burch moderates a digital signage panel at AVEC 2019.
(Image credit: Megan A. Dutta)

The AV Executive Conference (AVEC) was held in New Orleans last week and industry leaders heard from a range of keynote speakers, along with sector-specific panels comprised of industry experts. AVIXA encouraged audience participation by providing six possible topics for discussion, then allowing the audience to select what they wanted to hear the panel discuss.

For the digital signage panel, the audience indicated they were most interested in learning more about increasing revenue through services, and using metrics and analytics to increase value. Camille Burch, editor of Digital Signage Magazine, was the moderator for the panel.

Services in Signage

Discussion began with the experts offering a number of ways integrators can add services to their product offerings.

Phil Lenger, president of Show + Tell (opens in new tab), a content creation firm in New York City, pointed out that integrators have two routes they can go to offer content creation services: they can either partner with a content creator, or they can bring that skill set into their firm. In either case, Lenger said, integrators must have a thorough understanding of the desired final result, and how often it will be refreshed so that they can fulfill the client’s content strategy.


John Melillo, senior vice president of digital media group, Diversified (opens in new tab), noted that any kind of ongoing services or subscriptions will change the sales cycle. He also recognized the importance of getting the right people involved from the very beginning to increase efficiencies and maximize the client’s investment. It’s incumbent upon the integrator to bring up these services conversations and to understand how they add value.

Metrics and Analytics

The panel agreed that just because we can collect all kinds of data for clients, doesn’t mean we should. It’s important to align data collection with their specific business intelligence needs. Otherwise, we’re simply providing a mountain of data that they can’t use.

Rachel Abrams, associate principal with Arup (opens in new tab), spoke about her experience  designing branded environments using screen-based messaging, digital signage, and network media. She noted that everyone gets excited about quantifying the success of experience, but zooming out to understand the way in which that mode of communication is affected inside the bigger ecosystem of other touchpoints is also a worthwhile endeavor.

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According to Florian Rotberg, managing director at Invidis Consulting (opens in new tab), providing both the right kind of information, and providing it in a format that makes sense to a client makes the integrator an extremely valuable partner. He suggested identifying no more than five main pain points and then collect data along that line. Look to where data can change things, then integrators provide true value.

Later, AVEC attendees participated in a workshop where they worked in teams on a case study in either digital signage, collaboration, or education. The keynote speakers offered real life lessons to create positive culture in the workplace. Attendees also participated in goal setting challenges, and enjoyed numerous networking opportunities.

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