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AV Revenues, Site Access Under Pressure Globally: AVIXA Impact Survey

As quickly as the pandemic has swept across the globe—impacting countries, states, and localities in new and unforeseen ways on an almost daily basis—so too has the professional audiovisual industry rapidly begun to feel its effects. Many continue to indicate they are attempting to fast-track certain projects while they can, but as governments announce stricter measures, such efforts will come under pressure.

[AVIXA's COVID-19 Impact Survey Examines Effects on the Pro AV Industry]

“Client site access is our biggest challenge, as this affects our ability to complete work and keep people employed,” said one AV provider.

In this second weekly survey of AVIXA AV Intelligence Panel members, fielded March 23–24, 85 percent of AV providers and 83 percent of AV end users said their companies have felt a negative impact from the coronavirus pandemic, essentially the same results as one week ago.

Said one AV provider describing the situation: “The good: Business has increased in terms of helping customers with data connectivity, security, expanding cloud licenses, and providing technology to support work-from-home requirements. The bad: Projects are being put on hold, so we've seen a significant reduction in help-desk calls, project management work, and active implementations.”

Read the full report here.

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