Artel Video Systems Announces Partnership With AeroGear Telemetry

Artel Video Systems Announces Partnership With AeroGear Telemetry.
(Image credit: Artel Video Systems)

Artel Video Systems (opens in new tab) has partnered with telemetry and instrumentation supplier AeroGear Telemetry (opens in new tab). AeroGear will help sell Artel's Quarra PTP Ethernet switches, FiberLink IRIG devices, and all other fiber transport products to the aerospace, government, and military sectors in 27 states from Maine to Texas.

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Known for its expertise in telemetry, surveillance, reconnaissance, and instrumentation products and systems, AeroGear has built deep and long-term relationships with military branches like the United States Air Force and with key defense contractors such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Raytheon. By adding Artel products to its portfolio, AeroGear can offer a broad new range of solutions that can meet demands in more than one area for its customers.

Artel Video Systems Announces Partnership With AeroGear Telemetry.

(Image credit: AeroGear Telemetry)

For example, many military facilities are quite large and require fiber-based media transport. Artel products are ideal for transporting and monitoring video, audio, and data over long distances across a large military base or when fiber transport is a necessity for security reasons, as is the case in many military/government installations. In another example, Quarra PTP-aware managed IP switches from Artel and grandmasters from Masterclock (another company AeroGear represents) make the perfect combined solution for nanosecond-accurate timing over an IP network for rocket launches. AeroGear also represents some IRIG telemetry products that could work together with an Artel FiberLink IRIG fiber transport product.

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"With its established relationships and expertise in the military and government markets, AeroGear is the best company to represent Artel products and help us increase our presence in those markets," said Rafael Fonseca, vice president of product management at Artel. "This partnership will offer AeroGear customers another quality product line to address their facilities' needs from a representative they know and trust."

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