An All-weather 70,000-lumen Powerhouse: Meet the Proteus Brutus

Elation Professional continues to expand its Proteus line of IP65-rated luminaires with the all-new Proteus Brutus, a powerful 70,000-lumen LED wash FX fixture capable of high-intensity washes and piercing narrow beams that can cut through at tremendous distances. Available now and shipping, the Proteus Brutus is the brightest lighting fixture that Elation has ever produced.

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“When real brute-force power is needed, the Proteus Brutus can deliver,” states Elation product manager Matthias Hinrichs. “It provides designers the power to cover huge areas across long distances but it also houses gorgeous colors, a complete FX system and even optional framing so it has everything you want in a real designer’s tool. It partners perfectly with the Proteus Maximus LED Profile and the long-throw Proteus Excalibur beam for a trio of compatible, high-power luminaires and outperforms anything in the market in an IP65 housing.”

The Elation Proteus Brutus is shown flashing a blue LED wash light.

(Image credit: Elation)

5 Facts and Features about the Proteus Brutus

1. High-output Applications

The Proteus Brutus is flexible at any distance or field of projection from tight beams to wide, smooth washes for use in a variety of applications. Coupled with a 5-50-degree zoom and impressive 220mm (8.7 inches) front lens, it is ideally suited for use on the largest outdoor stages, but has application anywhere powerful beams and powerful wash coverage is desired. Its high-quality lens optics and 70,000 total lumen fixture output make it an ideal solution for any high-output application.

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2. White LED Engine Plus CMY and Variable CTO

The Proteus Brutus houses a high-efficiency 1200W 6,500K White LED engine. The custom peak-field engine with 2-to-1 center to edge ratio gives powerful, high center intensity beam and wash throws while allowing for more unique air FX. Together with a full spectrum CMY color mixing system, the Brutus is capable of creating a virtually unlimited variety of shades. With the addition of linear CTO color correction, as well as a fixed 6-position color wheel for added color customization, including UV and high CRI options, the Proteus Brutus offers color combinations to satisfy even the most critical designer.

3. Optional Framing

An optional 4-blade, full blackout framing module with +/-45-degree indexing allows for beam shaping and accurate light control at any angle. The entire framing module is rotatable, allowing the beam to be shaped and angled as required for accurate highlighting. Designers can also use the flexible framing system to create outstanding projection or mid-air effects.

4. Complete FX System

The fixture provides the designer a comprehensive FX system with 5 rotating / indexing (interchangeable) beam shaping and FX gobos plus a rotating multi-color glass gobo. A 360-degree bi-directional animation wheel can be engaged to bring graphics to life and a variable frost filter can be employed any time a designer wishes for softer gobo or wash effects. A high-speed iris with variable pulse effects and high-speed electronic shutter and strobe can be engaged for further impression. The unit dims smoothly all the way to zero with variable 16-bit selectable dimming curves included.

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5. Concert, Event, Television, Theme Park, and Cruise Ship-Ready

The Proteus Brutus has the power to cut through in any outdoor concert or special event and its fully dust and waterproof design makes it an optimal fixture for theme parks and cruise ships. Thanks to quiet operation, flicker-free functionality and DMX-controllable LED refresh rate, its on-camera impact will be welcome in TV and other broadcast environments.

The Proteus Brutus is rock-solid and like all Proteus series luminaires can weather anything Mother Nature throws at it, hot or cold. It includes a Hibernation Mode for power savings and comes with all the professional control and IP65 connection features that designers have come to expect from a cutting-edge Proteus luminaire.

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