25 Collaboration Solutions for 2024, Part 2

25 Collaboration Solutions
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New AV/IT products and solutions are unveiled at two distinct times of the year: Integrated Systems Europe at the end of January and InfoComm in June. We reported on the many solutions released during the first half of this year, and now we're combing through collaboration solutions that were announced to set you up for the second half of 2024. This selection is from the winners of the AV Technology Best of Show at InfoComm 2024. Watch for more in the following weeks. 

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Shure Microflex Wireless neXt 2 Microphone System


(Image credit: Shure)

In today’s hybrid environments, AV/IT professionals require user-friendly, high-quality audio solutions. Shure’s Microflex Wireless (MXW) neXt 2 Microphone System is a two-channel wireless system that offers an intuitive, all-in-one audio solution for hybrid environments. MXW neXt 2 takes minutes to set up out of the box, simplifying complex installation workflows for AV/IT professionals. It provides high-quality audio for higher education and corporate spaces that only require two wireless microphones, and connects seamlessly to video conferencing systems for remote presenters. The all-in-one base unit combines a wireless access point, docking charger, and onboard IntelliMix DSP to reduce the amount of hardware required.

Barco ClickShare Bar Pro


(Image credit: Barco)

Barco’s ClickShare Bar Pro is a premium, carbon-neutral, all-in-one video bar that enables engaging, effortless wireless conferencing in medium-sized meeting rooms with any video conferencing platform. Thanks to its advanced AV capabilities (dual screen and 4K content sharing) and interactive features (touchback, annotation, and blackboarding), it enables crystal-clear audio, sharp views, and enhanced interactivity for meetings where all participants feel heard and seen. This solution offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing IT managers to easily equip their meeting rooms. Paired with a five-year warranty, the bar overall reduces the total cost of ownership by consolidating all collaboration, audio, and video functionalities into one powerful device.

ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP92UW Interactive Display


(Image credit: ViewSonic)

ViewSonic’s ViewBoard IFP92UW Interactive Display, with its unique 21:9 aspect ratio and 5K resolution, provides increased width for more usable interactive areas while delivering stunning visuals for making presentations, producing content, and sharing ideas. Designed specifically for Microsoft Teams Rooms, the IFP92UW is perfect for Front Row, decision-making, and collaboration. The 92-inch display provides up to 33 percent more screen space when compared to an equivalent 4K 16:9 display, and comes with multiple connectivity options including USB-C with 100W of charging, HDMI, DisplayPort, and RS232. It also features dual-pen 40-point touch, allowing multiple users to interact with the screen simultaneously, wireless/cable-free casting and sharing, digital whiteboarding, and remote monitoring and management.

Q-SYS VisionSuite


(Image credit: Q-SYS)

The Q-SYS VisionSuite represents a shift in intelligent video solutions for educational and collaborative spaces. By integrating cutting-edge AI technology from Seervision with the robust capabilities of Q-SYS, this solution offers a sophisticated and versatile platform that redefines the standards of presentations. At its core, the collaboration between Q-SYS and Seervision establishes an AI-driven presenter tracking system that seamlessly adapts to various presentation styles. Seervision's AI accelerator, powered by computer vision, enables precise presenter tracking and framing, allowing for dynamic adjustments and customization to suit specific preferences.

Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System


(Image credit: Jabra)

Jabra’s PanaCast 50 Video Bar System is an Android collaboration bar to facilitate next-level hybrid meeting experiences. It is an integrated solution with speakers, microphones, video camera, and an Android-based compute unit, as well as a 10.1-inch-high resolution Touch Controller. It delivers all the features and functions of the Jabra PanaCast 50, including the Panoramic-4K 180-degree field of view, Virtual Director, Intelligent Zoom, and Dynamic Composition. It offers a full suite of flexible, scalable deployment options with a one-touch start/join controller, offering a collaboration experience on native UC applications like Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms.

Hall Technologies ComAlert System

Hall Technologies

(Image credit: Hall Technologies)

Hall Technologies’ ComAlert System is for use in conference rooms, classrooms, or wherever mics or wireless lavalier mics are needed. The system can be used with Hall Technologies collaboration solutions as well as any system capable of accepting a microphone or USB input. The heart of the system is the ComAlert Microphone Controller, named OSIRIS-DSP1, which is a central audio processing device for extending sound pickup systems in classrooms, conference rooms, et cetera. It has a web interface for controlling the unit and easy setup; it can send alert messages to safety and emergency systems; and it provides mixing and DSP control of all connected microphones.

Bose Professional EdgeMax LP

Bose Professional

(Image credit: Bose Professional)

Bose Professional’s EdgeMax LP combines high-fidelity sound with patented directional technology to break free from the limitations of the in-ceiling loudspeaker category, delivering the coverage patterns, high SPL, and frequency response of larger surface-mount loudspeakers, but with a clean visual aesthetic. The secret to EdgeMax speakers’ room-filling sound lies in their patented PhaseGuide technology, directing sound asymmetrically into the room and creating coverage found in no other loudspeaker. All models offer the same impressive output and tonal performance that set EdgeMax apart, allowing you to mix and match between them. The series is designed for easy installation; our QuickHold spring-loaded mounting system and magnetically attached grilles are designed to provide quick access to wiring and tap settings. 

ENCO enCaption Sierra Live Captioning and Translation System


(Image credit: ENCO)

ENCO’s enCaption Sierra Live Captioning and Translation System represents the next generation of the groundbreaking enCaption solution for fast and accurate automated conversion and delivery of captions in AV and broadcast environments. For the first time, enCaption Sierra brings ENCO’s market-leading automated captioning technology together with an SDI captioning encoder to create an all-in-one solution for on-prem environments and containerized deployment options for the cloud. enCaption Sierra’s modern GUI features a simple calendar scheduler and various configuration settings, including custom dictionaries, word models, filtering, and bilingual language options. ENCO has also sharpened the listenability and responsiveness of the system, improving performance in challenging audio environments.

Arthur Holm DynamicCableRetract

Arthur Holm

(Image credit: Arthur Holm)

Arthur Holm’s DynamicCableRetract is an innovative motorized retractable cable system designed for seamless integration into modern furniture. This cutting-edge solution combines functionality with elegance, offering a user-friendly experience that enhances any living or working space. For added convenience, the DynamicCableRetract can be controlled remotely, by RS-422 and by the wireless App: AHlink. This feature allows the cable to extend or retract from a distance, making it perfect for meeting room tables where all the AV is remotely controlled. And beyond USB-C, the patented DynamicCableRetract is also available with HDMI cables, catering to a wide range of connectivity needs.

Biamp Kleeo Desk Manager


(Image credit: Biamp)

Biamp’s Kleeo Desk Manager is the perfect desk booking device for any office using flexible seating. Primarily for organizations with a workforce of 20 or more persons, the Kleeo is designed to reduce stress at all levels of the organization, while boosting productivity. For the user, the experience often starts with the mobile app; the Kleeo will signal to all workers which workspace is available, checked in, or waiting for the reserved worker to sit at the booked desk. Administrators can utilize the Workplace Admin app to easily set up and administer everything from locations, users, rooms, and desks to analytics designed to help managers make more informed decisions.

HP Poly Studio G62

HP | Poly

(Image credit: HP | Poly)

HP’s Poly TStudio G62 is a modular video conferencing system that brings enterprise-grade video and audio to large and flexible spaces. The Poly Studio G62 seamlessly integrates with various peripherals such as cameras, microphones, and controllers, making it an ideal solution for board rooms, classrooms, and flex spaces. With sustainability top of mind, the Poly Studio G62 is made up of 80 percent post-consumer recycled plastics and 20 percent recycled metals. And it’s a breeze to set up, with flexible mounting options to suit any space. Poly Studio G62 is certified for Microsoft Teams and is pending certification with Zoom and Tencent.

Optoma Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Flat Panel Displays


(Image credit: Optoma)

Optoma’s Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Flat Panel Displays offer advanced tools and added functionality, supporting educators and professionals with enhanced learning and remote, real-time collaboration. Enterprise Device Licensing Agreement certification gives users access to the full Google Workspace experience, and the Optoma Solution Suite offers several annotation tools; a file manager; display share; and a digital whiteboard with an improved floating toolbar, customization tools, and an infinity canvas. The next-generation 5-Series is compatible with the Optoma Management Suite. This intuitive display management solution streamlines operations, offering IT administrators and technicians a real-time remote platform to monitor, manage, and diagnose multiple displays simultaneously.

Crestron 1 Beyond Cameras


(Image credit: Crestron)

Newly released 1 Beyond Cameras by Crestron captures everyone in the room clearly. With 1 Beyond PTZ cameras’ broadcast-quality video and optical zoom of up to 20x, AV/IT teams can be confident that they are bringing in-room participants closer without losing resolution. The 1 Beyond cameras deliver a premium experience for both in-person and remote participants that matches the level of professionalism required for meeting room discussions, classroom lectures, or auditorium presentations. 1 Beyond cameras work with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms software to bring a one-touch join experience to your medium and large rooms with clear, crisp, intelligent video.

Lumens VC-TR60A Voice Tracking Camera


(Image credit: Lumens)

Lumens’ VC-TR60A Voice Tracking Camera is the world’s first professional voice-tracking and motion-tracking PTZ camera. It is also the first cost-effective dual-camera unit that offers both dual video and picture-in-picture output. In all modes, VC-TR60A offers fully autonomous operation, with no need for external processing, dongles, or additional software. It features a six-microphone beam-forming array, allowing the camera to compute the angle of the voice in relation to the camera and immediately focus on that individual to deliver a perfectly framed shot. Additionally, VC-TR60A has multiple video outputs (HDMI, USB, and IP) for integration with AV, video conferencing, broadcast, and streaming platforms. 

Samsung WAD Series Interactive White Boards


(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s WAD Series Interactive White Boards are the brand’s first Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA)-certified interactive displays. Powered by Android 13, the WAD Series—available in 65-, 75- and 86-inch models—provides teachers and students with a seamless, intuitive experience. It provides access to educational apps through Google Play, while allowing access to Google services such as Google Classroom and Drive. It offers a natural writing experience with infrared (IR) touch and supports up to 40 simultaneous touchpoints. A three-in-one USB-C port simplifies connectivity and allows connected devices to be charged at up to 65W, and an HDMI output enables easy content sharing.

Owl Labs Meeting Owl 4+

Owl Labs

(Image credit: Owl Labs)

Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl 4+ is an all-in-one camera, speaker, and mic device that combines 4K Ultra HD, 360-degree video with award-winning software and enterprise features to power engaging hybrid collaboration in any space. The flexible, plug-and-play Meeting Owl 4+ is enterprise-ready and takes less than six minutes to set up. Features include upgraded video quality, including a 64-megapixel camera; and wide-range audio, including powerful, 360-degree speakers and smart mics with an 18-foot pickup radius. The Meeting Owl 4+ also pairs with other Owl Labs’ devices to capture 360-degree angles of workplace discussions, so remote meeting participants don’t miss a thing. 

SMART Technologies SMART Board QX for the Modern Workplace

SMART Technologies

(Image credit: SMART Technologies)

SMART Technologies’ SMART Board QX Pro is a revolutionary interactive display designed to meet the highest demands of IT buyers in business sectors, including those in architecture, engineering, design, manufacturing, and more. The QX Pro boasts a 4K UHD resolution, ensuring crystal-clear visuals that enhance presentations, collaboration, and interactive learning experiences. Utilizing SMART’s proprietary HyPr Touch with InGlass technology, the QX Pro offers a highly responsive and precise touch experience, supporting up to 20 simultaneous touch points. Additionally, the QX Pro is equipped with multiple HDMI, USB, and wireless connectivity options, easily integrating with existing IT infrastructure. It supports seamless connections with devices running Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.

MAXHUB XBoard Interactive Flat Panel Series


(Image credit: MAXHUB)

MAXHUB’s XBoard Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) Series—available in 55-, 65-, 75-, 86- and 92-inch sizes—provides an advanced video conferencing experience and is ideal for daily collaboration sessions. Powered by the MAXHUB MeetingOS, these displays have a built-in three-camera system with advanced AI capabilities (65-inch and above display size) as well as the ability to support active speaker tracking and auto framing. The XBoard IFP Series offers 4K touch displays with a modular PC running Windows IoT. This provides a wealth of interactive capability using a wide range of source content. To ensure superior audio quality, these displays also provide 16 built-in microphone arrays with AI noise suppression. 

Salamander Designs Acadia Tabletop Display Mount

Salamander Designs

(Image credit: Salamander Designs)

Salamander Designs’ Acadia Tabletop Display Mount empowers effortless, compact conferencing system deployment in under 40 minutes, providing the ideal solution for smaller, retrofit, and temporary spaces while also accommodating traditional meeting rooms. The Acadia Tabletop mount is the first purpose-built tabletop display mount made for video conferencing with on-board equipment storage. It empowers integrators, businesses, and all stakeholders to deploy a sophisticated video conferencing solution most quickly and efficiently, without the need for any construction whatsoever. The Acadia Tabletop is compatible with large screens ranging from 43 to 65 inches and features a universal camera mount for flexible positioning above or below the display to optimize the field of view. 

JVC Professional Video KY-PZ540 Series PTZ Cameras

JVC Professional

(Image credit: JVC Professional)

The multi-award-winning KY-PZ540 and KY-PZ540N PTZ Cameras by JVC Professional are JVC’s first PTZs to incorporate a 40x focal length and are ideal for large event spaces and instances when the need to zoom in from a distance is essential. The cameras feature JVC’s 4K imager and renowned Variable Scan Mapping technology, which dynamically scans the 4K sensor to produce a seamless and lossless image transition up to 40x in full-resolution HD. The cameras also incorporate the brand’s award-winning features, such as AI-enabled advanced SMART auto-tracking operation and NDI-supported IP-based remote operation capabilities. Additionally, presets for exposure, color, and image are included.

DTEN Vue Pro Meeting Camera System


(Image credit: DTEN)

DTEN’s Vue Pro Meeting Camera System is a set of side-mount cameras that work in tandem with AI technology to further enhance video coverage, clarity, and convenience for D7X Series All-in-One Video Meeting appliances. Vue Pro 4K cameras can be installed in seconds, and are cleverly designed to capture in-room participants at eye level, providing up to four additional cameras to provide eye-to-eye connections for in-room participants to interact with remote colleagues. Additionally, Vue Pro’s 4K camera lens systems utilize advanced, smart-framing AI to identify and dynamically frame participants with crisp headshots, regardless of distance from the front-of-room system.



(Image credit: EPOS)

The IMPACT 700 by EPOS is an on-ear, wired USB headset that uses industry-leading microphone technology to deliver rich, natural sound, no matter the level of background noise.

With a rich feature set powered by second-generation EPOS AI, which runs continually within the headset, the IMPACT 700 is designed to isolate and relay incoming and outgoing voices with complete clarity. IMPACT 700 headsets are carefully crafted with a lightweight design and soft memory foam earpads to deliver unprecedented levels of comfort for extended use. Additionally, to protect users’ hearing from all-day audio exposure, the IMPACT 700 leverages best-in-class passive noise dampening and EPOS ActiveGard, which works to prevent loud spikes of sound and supports noise-at-work compliance.



(Image credit: Ikan)

Ikan’s LBX8-POE is a cutting-edge and compact panel soft LED light that is designed specifically for studios, conference rooms, classrooms and various spaces with low ceiling clearance. Engineered for easy installation, this light is simultaneously powered (via PoE++) and DMX controlled (via ArtNet or sACN) through a single Ethernet (RJ45) cable. Boasting high CRI LED chips and a soft panel, the LBX8-POE emits a gentle, wraparound light, crafting artifact-free shadows. With a broad 110-degree beam angle, coverage is extensive, and the sturdy yoke, featuring tension knobs, ensures effortless adjustments and secure placement at any angle. The intuitive yellow control knob on the back, paired with the LED readout, simplifies fine-tuning of brightness, color temperature, and DMX channels.

Sharp 4W-B Series AQUOS BOARD


(Image credit: Sharp)

Sharp’s 4W-B Series AQUOS BOARD interactive display puts collaboration and communication at users’ fingertips in the classroom, workplace, and virtually everywhere else through precise 20-point, multi-touch functionality and versatile connectivity. Key product features include wireless casting, precise multi-touch detection, simultaneous writing for multiple users, and a user-friendly Sharp Pen Software interface. Sharp’s Pen Software gives users access to pen settings and functions to personalize the user experience for stand-out perks like handwriting recognition, whiteboard mode, and overlay mode. The 4W-B Series AQUOS BOARD also includes an HTML5 browser app to allow users to leverage web-based content, an additional feature promoting productivity.

Insta360 Connect


(Image credit: Insta360)

Insta360’s Connect is an all-in-one, dual-camera video bar designed for small- and medium-sized meeting rooms, delivering exceptional audio and video quality that will transform your meetings. Insta360’s first-ever video bar, Connect, seamlessly blends cutting-edge hardware and AI algorithms to provide an immersive and realistic experience for both in-room and remote participants. Connect boasts a dual 4K camera setup, consisting of a wide-angle camera and a telephoto gimbal camera. The two work seamlessly together, capturing 4K group views and individual close-ups for unparalleled visuals. With a 14-microphone array and a cutting-edge 3A audio algorithm, Connect picks up voices from up to 33 feet away with balanced volume, supreme clarity, and a natural, immersive sound. 

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