TD SYNNEX Sandi Stambaugh on Meeting Equity

Sandi Stambaugh
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As the past few years have presented new ways of working—like integrating remote and hybrid workforces—we quickly realized we needed to address meeting equity within the various physical environments where our coworkers are, such as at work, school and public spaces.

It’s a challenge that continues to evolve as our environment evolves. As we return to the office there is a reinvention of what this should look like, and meeting equity is at the forefront.

Meeting equity is a lot of things. It's about incorporating people who have physical limitations, enabling them to be as involved and present in a meeting as those who don't have limitations. It means things like rural equity, so those who are in small towns have the same access to meeting participation as those in larger cities. Racial equity is an important topic around this, as well. We're constantly striving to reinvent and create that equitable environment so we can have the most productive meetings with everyone involved.

I’m excited to be a part of bringing technology to the space to help that happen. Our manufacturer vendor partners are racing to meet the needs of the market. We've seen advancements in audio, AI technology, and visual solutions like adjusting camera lenses to make it feel like everyone's in the room. Creating that inclusive environment is an important part of what we're trying to accomplish on behalf of users. We want them to have that cohesive and immersive experience, every time.

The other thing we're seeing is people who are searching for the best possible environment at an affordable cost. There are some great vehicles our integrators can leverage to help their end users accomplish their goals without exhausting capital expenditure. There are great funding opportunities to help with things like telemedicine and distance learning, rural equity and racial equity. We've built a full team here at TD SYNNEX to help our partners navigate some of the complexities of requesting funds within this space. 

Presales engineering also is a big part of what we do. The team has been busy during the past year, working alongside our integrators and helping them reinvent existing designs and rework as needs change. Our coworkers can do everything from site surveys to installation integration and post-sale support. Then there’s the pick, pack and ship as well as funding available through distribution. We also have a whole suite of value-added services. It’s in the spirit of coming alongside our integrators, making their life a little bit easier and helping to equip them with what's needed to help deploy the best possible technology solution.

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