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Spotlight on Made in the U.S.A.

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(Image credit: Sharefaith from Pexels)

In honor of Independence Day, we asked pro AV manufacturers to tell us about their Made in the U.S.A. products.

Scroll through the gallery below to see products proudly made in America.

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Aurora Multimedia IPX-TC3 Series

(Image credit: Aurora Multimedia)

Aurora Multimedia IPX-TC3 Series

Aurora says its IPX-TC3 series is composed of 10Gbps 4K UHD transceivers with zero frame latency (100us without scaling, 3ms with scaling), and no compression (or low 1.3:1 compression @ 4K60 4:4:4).  Using SDVoE technology, the IPX series is well-suited for broadcast, live events, medical, command and control, and government/military applications.

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Peerless-AV KIPC25 Portrait Kiosk

(Image credit: Peerless-AV)

Peerless-AV KIPC25 Portrait Kiosk

Peerless-AV’s KIPC25 indoor Portrait Kiosk is designed to support LED displays and touchscreen panels up to 4-inches deep. With a flat base that can be free standing or bolted to the ground, the kiosk allows for electric and data cable access, making it easy to install and maintain. Plus, the kiosk includes two whisper-quiet, thermostat-controlled exhaust fans to ensure the display and internal components are kept at an optimal temperature.

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Cambridge Sound QtPro

(Image credit: Biamp)

Biamp Cambridge Sound QtPro

Biamp says it has changed the sound masking industry with its QtPro direct-field sound masking technology. Manufactured in the U.S., QtPro control modules—when combined with an array of emitters (i.e., loudspeakers)—provide added workplace comfort, protect confidential conversations, and reduce noise distractions to make office staff more productive.

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Middle Atlantic BGR Enclosure with Forward Accessories

(Image credit: Middle Atlantic)

Middle Atlantic BGR Enclosure with Forward Accessories

Middle Atlantic’s BGR Series rack enclosure’s patented lightweight, UL-certified design provides an extra rack unit and up 3,000 lbs .of equipment storage in the standard rack height. Adhering to AVIXA’s standards, it ships with a multipurpose rackrail for horizontal and vertical mounting and engages with Forward accessories without tools. 

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Just Add Power 3G+ 767DSS Dante Enhanced Sound System Transmitter

(Image credit: Just Add Power)

Just Add Power 3G+ 767DSS Dante Sound System Transmitter

In addition to distributing Ultra HD and 4K video over a single Cat-5e cable, the 3G+ 767DSS transmitter adds compatibility with Dante and AES67 audio networks, with separate switching of audio and video. The transmitter is the first to support the latest Dante chipset for the delivery of 8x8 channels, according to the company.

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AtlasIED Texas Tough Rack

(Image credit: AtlasIED)

AtlasIED Texas Tough Rack

AtlasIED’s new Texas Tough racks not only keep AV gear secure, but are also the most intelligent racks on the marke, according to the company. The Digital Rack Crown is customizable for branding or easy reference information. The LED edge-lit Plexiglas badge can visually and audibly notify when an equipment fault occurs. They also conform to the “Buy America Act,” which means they will be BAA-listed and aren’t subject to tariffs.

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Leon Speakers are Made in the USA

(Image credit: Leon Speakers)

Leon Speakers

For over 20 years, Leon Speakers has proudly designed and manufactured their products at their state-of-the-art facility in Ann Arbor, MI. Their line of customizable speakers and technology concealment solutions is all built-to-order, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using premium materials and components.

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Pro Audio Technology SCRS-25im On-wall/In-wall Loudspeaker

(Image credit: Pro Audio Technology)

Pro Audio Technology SCRS-25im On-wall/In-Wall Loudspeaker

The SCRS-25im includes Pro Audio’s genuine professional-grade speaker components offering thrilling dynamics, a sensitivity range of 96dB/W – 109 dB/W, and a frequency range of 80Hz – 18kHz, according to the company. Designed for on-wall or in-wall applications where budget and space are limited, the SCRS-25im makes Pro systems more attainable for those looking for uncompromised sound. 

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SurgeX enVision Diagnostic Intelligence System

(Image credit: SurgeX)

SurgeX enVision Diagnostic Intelligence System

Engineered with state-of-the-art intelligence, diagnostic software, and real-time scope meter technology, enVision combines an onboard powerline tester, oscilloscope, and time-stamped reports, into one package, giving integrators the ability to assess the electrical health of their job sites and identify power-related problems, eliminating unnecessary project visits and repairs. 

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NanoLumens LED visualization solution installed at the Atlanta Braves SunTrust Park Stadium in Atlanta, GA

NanoLumens LED visualization solution installed at the Atlanta Braves SunTrust Park Stadium in Atlanta, GA (Image credit: NanoLumens)

NanoLumens Nixel Series Displays

NanoLumens’ crisp and vibrant Nixel Series displays can be built to any size, shape, or curvature, giving you the freedom to dream a brighter and bolder display solution. Cylinders, ribbons, tunnels, and curves both concave and convex are all possible with the Nixel Series. These flexible, one-of-a-kind displays set the tone for clients in professional sports, higher education, casinos, and gaming, and more. With pixel pitches as low as 1.56 mm, Nixel Series displays provide space efficiency, increase advertising ROI, and minimize environmental impact. NanoLumens describes the Nixel Series as the highest resolution display for outdoors on the market, and the displays are easy to install and maintain, eliminating the need for rigorous maintenance.

*Editor's Note: These products were all manufactured in America, according to the companies, at the time of publication. 

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