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Sparking Collaboration

Spark Collaboration Table
(Image credit: RIOS)

Spark (opens in new tab) is a flexible open conference room disguised as custom furniture. Designed to capture the “spark” of creativity in impromptu meetings, it is an open space solution for collaboration, focus work, and teleconferencing.

It demonstrates how the common workplace challenges of space planning and team communication can be addressed through product design. RIOS designed Spark based on research conducted for workplace clients after finding that most teams handled stand-up meetings and quick team meetings out in the open to avoid finding a conference room.

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Spark Collaboration Table Diagram

(Image credit: RIOS)
Lantz on the Spark table

Andy Lantz, Creative Director Architecture, RIOS

(Image credit: RIOS)

“The Spark table became an opportunity to look at how to bring the uses of a conference room out into the open office and integrate that technology into the daily routines of staff across multiple industries.” — Andy Lantz, Creative Director, Architecture at RIOS

The solution captures the synergies of team proximity and optimizes the exchange of ideas. The design removes boundaries to harness the internal spark of ideas by dedicating space for important internal collaboration. It allows for separate or simultaneous meetings in both seated and standing configurations — with integrated technology for video conferences.

The staggered surface allows for full screen visibility or multiple simultaneous uses. Manufactured by MASHstudios (opens in new tab), it is designed for impromptu use so that groups can harness their spark of creativity without the administrative interruption of booking a conference room. In workplaces that are solving for social distancing, Spark is an ideal open space meeting solution to unite in-person and virtual groups.

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General Specs

  • Table Style: Communal / Teleconference
  • Leg Material: Hot Rolled Steel
  • Leg Finish: Fine Textured Matte Black Powder Coat
  • Top Material: Solid Oak Butcher Block
  • Table Top Power Specs: (2) Extron Cable Cubby 500 unit. Each with (2) power, (1) USB and (1) USB C
  • Dimensions: 167”L x 44”W x 30.5-42”H
  • Weight: Approximately 1,000 LBSTV can be affixed with standard wall mount hardware – accommodates 32″-72″ TVs

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