BOOK - Systems Thinking for Instructional Designers: Catalyzing Organizational Change

Systems Thinking for Instructional Designers: Catalyzing Organizational Change
(Image credit: Routledge)

Longtime AV Technology friend and valued contributor, Domenic Screnci has recommended the book, Systems Thinking for Instructional Designers: Catalyzing Organizational Change. Screnci is an adjunct instructor at Boston University College of Communication. 

"I was fortunate to have an opportunity to contribute to this collection of ideas designed to address system thinking in education," said Screnci. "The goal of my contribution, Rethinking Management Structures in Higher Education, is to look at how organizations can think differently about managing institutional services supporting teaching and learning in higher education. If you are working in education and want to explore System Thinking and its relevance in that environment, this might be a publication worth acquiring."

Available from Amazon: Systems Thinking for Instructional Designers offers real-world cases that highlight how designers foster continuous improvement and manage change efforts across organizational contexts. Using a systems thinking approach, each case describes a holistic process that examines how a set of interdependent elements can be analyzed and coordinated to influence change. Instructional designers, faculty, program directors, digital learning leaders, and other development specialists will learn how systems thinking can solve authentic, real-world challenges. The book’s rich narratives cover both successes and failures of meaningful growth, paradigm shifts, and large-scale problem-solving in a variety of settings, including education and industry.

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