Bazaarvoice Reenergizes HQ With Enhanced Data Visualization -
Company's Austin, TX Headquarters Adds "Visual Wow"

Bazaarvoice is a network that connects brands and retailers to the voices of shoppers: more than 700 shoppers share their opinions, questions, and experiences with tens of millions of products in the Bazaarvoice network monthly. But internally, the company’s voice wasn’t loud enough—it needed the “wow factor” for employees, clients, and VIP visitors at its high-traffic Austin, TX headquarters.   

The Austin, TX Bazaarvoice HQ Building

Bazaarvoice needed the “wow” factor for employees, clients and VIP visitors entering its Austin, TX headquarters.   

Bazaarvoice wanted a digital signage solution that could give real-time updates of crucial information to passersby, including updates on performance, company news, wayfinding information, and the newest marketing materials. Because this information is critical for business, the displays would need to have the ability to accurately and clearly display rich colors and vivid details, even to those who were positioned at a distance. Bazaarvoice also needed the displays to seamlessly connect with one another for quick, simple installation as the solution was to be placed in the company’s lobby, and installation time was limited. As with most end users, the team at Bazaarvoice wanted a solution that would be easy to use and maintain.

In addition to the technical nitty-gritty, Bazaarvoice needed the technology to match its own energy and culture. The company is known for amplification, influence, brand awareness, and loyalty, and needed to ensure those values were obvious as soon as people enter its headquarters. To inspire this, the team at Bazaarvoice was determined to use large, eye-catching displays that provided clear, bright visuals with vibrant colors.

Bazaarvoice chose to work with Felix Media Solutions (FMS) for the integration and installation. The Bazaarvoice team had worked with FMS on previous AV projects for the past 16 months and had built a solid relationship.

Felix Media Solutions Logo

Bazaarvoice worked with Felix Media Solution because of the company's focus on customer service.

“It didn’t come down to price, we were not the lowest bidder,” said Lionel Felix, president of FMS. “We won [the bid] on our history of being very responsive with a focus on customer service. We showed up on time, sent smart and polite techs, fixed things, and cleaned up. Every time. A seemingly rare recipe in AV, but one where we excel.”

Once it had chosen an integration partner, Bazaarvoice settled on a state-of-the-art 3x3 video wall featuring nine LG 55LV35A video wall displays, Premier Mounts, and a custom PC with five dual-headed video wall cards.

“We were attracted to the ability to balance color through the LG 55-inch video wall displays, the thinness of the bezels, and, of course, the ease in which content can be managed through the displays,” Felix said.

FMS and Bazaarvoice also chose LG because of its proprietary In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which helps ensure accurate color saturation and contrast at wide viewing angles. According to Felix, the IPS technology makes certain that employees and visitors receive the same quality viewing experience regardless of location within the lobby.

“The LG video wall is the first thing you see when entering the Bazaarvoice headquarters,” explained Trey Linney, senior systems engineer at Bazaarvoice. “It was imperative to choose displays for the task at hand, and above all, the right partner for maintaining a high-quality experience while meeting our budgetary requirements. LG was able to do all of this and more, exceeding our expectations.”The 3x3 lobby video wall features nine LG 55LV35A video wall displays and Premier Mounts.The 3x3 lobby video wall features nine LG 55LV35A video wall displays and Premier Mounts.   

3 x 3 video wall in the Bazaarvoice lobby,

The 3x3 lobby video wall features nine LG 55LV35A video wall displays and Premier Mounts.   

When it came time to do the installation of the new video wall, a lot of careful planning and consideration was required—nobody wanted employees and visitors to be greeted by a mess of dust and construction equipment for long periods of time. One of the biggest hurdles, according to Felix, was the challenge of building a video wall on a surface that was not “truly flat.”

“A truly flat wall is not what framers and drywallers are used to doing; the wall was flatter than most but we were nervous about it,” said Felix. “Getting the mounts up properly and aligned for a three by three video wall takes a lot of patience and at least one laser level.”

“No installation environment is perfect,” added Garry Wicka, head of marketing at LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. “That’s why at LG, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch digital signage solutions that offer end users flexibility, ease of use, and superior picture quality for a variety of industries at an affordable cost. The Bazaarvoice project is no exception and it was an honor supplying a digital signage solution to complement the advanced technology and branding expertise Bazaarvoice is so widely recognized for.”

The team was able to successfully complete the installation on time, thanks in large part to the displays’ effortless connectivity, Felix said. After the physical installation, they used a nine-headed computer to run a signal to each display and the entire video wall easily synced; as a bonus, it only requires minimal control by Bazaarvoice staff in the future.

“The advanced display technology from LG brings fresh, new interactive experiences to the main lobby area, reinforcing the open, inviting, and collaborative culture at Bazaarvoice,” concluded Felix.



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