AV Technology Manager's Guide to Next-Gen Streaming

AV Technology Manager's Guide to Next-Gen Streaming
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Today, most content streamed from enterprise, higher ed, or other markets can have a near- or broadcast-quality setup that is easier to use and requires fewer technical experts. Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition built into cameras and microphones have made it easier and more cost-effective to live-stream from just about any environment to just about anywhere. Automated workflows have enabled professors to stream classroom instruction with little training needed.

 The Guide to Next-Gen Streaming explores these trends, new products and more!

25 AV/IT Industry Thought Leaders share their insights into trends and best practices for the next-gen streaming media ecosystem.

6 Case Studies embrace broadcast-quality

Microsoft’s AV/IT Team transforms video production to broadcast the company’s Global All-Hands events to its workforce.

25 AV/IT Products for Next-Gen Streaming: Live production platforms and ecosystems, ultra-low latency codecs, streaming processors, UBS devices, cloud solutions, EPTZ’s, cables, microphones, AI cameras, content sharing, video management, cellular bonding, broadcast cameras, and more!


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