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Dec. 1st - Defining the New Era Workplace: 2022 and Beyond

Webcast Defining the New Era Workplace
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A must-attend webcast for AV/IT managers and directors, technology integrators and CIOs in enterprise, corporate, government need to define the New Era Workplace in 2022 and Beyond.

Wednesday, December 1st, at 2:00 p.m. ET,  join content director of AV Technology and webcast moderator, Cindy Davis and five industry panelists as they discuss how to create seamless and intuitive hybrid working and learning environments.  

The reconfigured hybrid workplace is here to stay. From the everywhere and anywhere workforce, this panel works to define the hybrid workplace of 2022 and beyond. From hoteling to hot desking, furniture to technology solutions, our panel discusses what did and did not work, and how to plan for a productive environment that includes a hybrid workforce.

This panel discusses the cultural changes and mindful choices of when in-person collaboration should happen versus allotted specific days of the week.

We leave no stone unturned.

>>  Room and open space speakers and microphones

>> Microphone systems for presenters

>> Presentation and collaboration systems

>> Video cameras

>> Streaming and recording town halls, all-hands meetings, and training

>> Bringing remote participants into the workplace through interactive displays

>> Ensuring voice intelligibility and visual inclusion for remote workers

Bring your questions and share your insights!

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Erik Beyer, Business Development Manager at Sennheiser

Tim Mackie, Field Systems Engineer at Yamaha Unified Communications

Kay Sargent, Senior Principal | Director of WorkPlace at HOK 

Jeffrey Wolf, General Manager at Herman Pro AV

Moderator, Cindy Davis, Content Director at AV Technology

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