Will Blockchains Revolutionize Education? (EDUCAUSE Review)

Will Blockchains Revolutionize Education? (EDUCAUSE Review)
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"Blockchains, first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto for use in bitcoin, are now being used across many industries. At their core, blockchains are trustworthy, distributed digital ledgers. Unlike databases maintained by a centralized authority that guarantees data integrity through its proven trustworthiness and practices, blockchains are records of transactions that are replicated across many systems (or nodes) and are cryptographically guaranteed to be immutable."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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Sure, there’s a whole lot of hype swirling around the blockchain in higher ed, but what benefits could storing data in digital ledgers actually bring about? EDUCAUSE Review cuts through the hype and digs into the details. —Eduwire Editors

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