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Change on the Horizon (Campus Technology)

Change on the Horizon (Campus Technology)

"This time of year, we are usually thinking about change: current technologies impacting higher education, emerging tech poised to drive change, and factors that stand in the way of progress. Why? It's the season for the New Media Consortium's annual Horizon Report, a research initiative that analyzes emerging education technologies and forecasts their impact in the short, medium and long term. Or rather it was, until the organization abruptly ceased operations this past December."—Source: Campus Technology

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Like many of our Eduwire readers, I was totally shocked and sadden by the abrupt closure of the New Media Consortium in late 2017. For years their annual Horizon Reports informed me and ignited my imagination about what was possible in edtech. As this Campus Technology author beautifully articulates, reading the New Horizon reports were like joining a robust conversation about education technology’s future. These valuable assets have a new home. Read all the details here. —Eduwire Editors