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Can Betamax Save Higher Education? (The EvoLLLution)

Can Betamax Save Higher Education? (The EvoLLLution)

"You may remember these odd Betamax little tapes from the early 1980’s. There were always one or two houses where you might come across them. In my case, it was the eccentric neighbor across the street and my crazy aunt."—Source: The EvoLLLution

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Betamax! Betamax for the win! This editor couldn't be happier to read this fun headline from EvoLLLution. But it is far more than a whimsical nod to the nostalgia generation. Although Betamax utterly dominated the home player market early in the game, VHS ultimately won the format war (to be supplanted by DVD to be supplanted by Netflix, and the rest is history). Read these powerful lessons learned and how they apply to EdTech. —Eduwire Editors