InfoComm Connections: Sony

In our series of InfoComm Connected blogs, we're chatting with InfoComm 2020 exhibitors to see why you should virtually visit their booths—plus, you're getting a preview of their latest innovations.

Mark Bonifacio, Sony

Mark Bonifacio

Q&A with Mark Bonifacio, Director, B2B Business Management, Sony Electronics.

Q: Why should attendees connect with you virtually?

MARK BONIFACIO: Sony is looking forward to connecting with attendees virtually to highlight new ways to engage and inspire colleagues, customers, and students—and also to showcase the technology, expertise, and guidance we can offer to support their transforming operations during these challenging times.  

In our current landscape, technology, communication, and collaboration have become more important than ever, and we’ve seen trends and solutions that incorporate distance learning and remote working.  These are two areas Sony is embracing with its latest AV offerings, which combine high quality and simplicity so users can continue to operate and share at a high level.  

Our powerful PTZ and POV cameras paired with our Edge AI-based video analytics appliance’s software options provide even more engaging and dynamic capture and presentation for distance learning and remote working experiences that enable new forms of collaborating, teaching, and learning.  

In addition to video, Sony will be demonstrating all of our latest innovations in AV technology including our new BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays with enhanced features, extended 4K and 3LCD Laser Projector line up, new Beamforming Microphone, extraordinary Crystal LED Direct-view Display, and smart TEOS Workplace Management Solutions that can maximize productivity with more efficient and effective collaboration.

Q: What's the one product you're introducing that attendees should see and why?

MB: We recommend everyone checks out our new IP-based Ceiling Beamforming Microphone (MAS-A100), which is something we developed due to a reoccurring need expressed by AV managers.  

Sony IP-based Ceiling Beamforming Microphone (MAS-A100)

Sony IP-based Ceiling Beamforming Microphone (MAS-A100) (Image credit: Sony)

The recently introduced microphone offers advanced speech reinforcement and clear recording for truly hands-free and hassle-free lectures, meetings, and presentations. The microphone also provides two-way capture for distance teaching and learning, which is of extreme importance as we embrace virtual education and increased collaboration, and support new ways of operation. 

With its simple installation, easy integration with existing systems and IP management capabilities, this mic makes the AV staff’s job much easier, letting them focus on other tasks. It also allows for remote set-up, monitoring, and troubleshooting—keeping contact at a minimum. And with no worries about batteries, maintenance concerns and staff bandwidth are minimized. We encourage you to ask for a demonstration of this pristine auditory experience for classrooms and corporations.

To learn more, virtually visit Sony Electronics at InfoComm 2020 Connected.

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