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InfoComm 2019 Session Sneak Peek: Increasing Convenience and Creature Comforts with Kiosks in Hotels

A cornerstone of the hospitality industry is customer service, where the unique personal experience that human connection brings to an experience reigns supreme. But the recent rise in connectivity, kiosks, apps, and the internet of things has brought many different conveniences to customers. 

Throughout changing interfaces and platforms, one element remains as the most important part of the hospitality industry—the customer. What will be beneficial to the customer? Are there more effective interactive concierge options? What type of hospitality tasks would be best suited for interactive displays or for interpersonal communication? And, in the same vein, will guests prefer the efficiency of using technology via kiosks rather than direct interaction with a hotel team member who may be able to add their own personal experience, suggestions and guidance?

During InfoComm 2019, we will dive into all of these questions in a panel focusing on Increasing Convenience and Creature Comforts with Kiosks in Hotels

Attendees can expect to learn more about how hotels and hospitality industry insiders should incorporate engaging kiosks and signage. I can’t wait to see what new perspectives come from the discussion between industry experts like Healey Healey Cypher, CEO at ZIVELO; Jill Perardi, creative services manager at Visix; and Lindsey Adler, former editor of SCN and current content producer at LMA Productions.

To hear more about topics like understanding a site design evaluation, assessing kiosk suppliers, and the traps to avoid when deploying kiosks, join us on Wed., June 12 from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. at the Orange County Convention Center in Room W311G. 

To register for the session, visit