Digital Signage is Exciting

If you’re reading this, you already know we work in the most exciting business in the world. As an industry, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to deliver immersive experiences that exceed expectations. Our work is interesting, challenging, and we deliver breath taking results. 

Digital signage is a part of our everyday lives and impacts consumers in ways they don’t fully understand. That’s why I’m so excited to be taking the helm of Digital Signage Magazine. In blending my dual passions of technology and journalism, I’ll be spreading the news about innovative installations, creative problem solving, and breathtaking projects.  I’m grateful for Llanor Alleyne, the outgoing editor, for her dedication to telling these stories, and it’s my goal to continue this work.

Let’s learn together about key digital signage trends. Some that fascinate me are more robust analytics that deliver personalized results; digital signage as a service and what that looks like; the future of flexible LED; outdoor signage being bigger and better than ever before; AI’s impact on creating buyer personas; and the very young market of voice-activated digital signage.

Whether you are an integrator, manufacturer, content creator, or technology manager, you have a compelling story to tell, and I would be honored to tell it.

Let’s push the boundaries together‚whether it’s content creation, a hardware or software innovation, something extravagant or on a budget, DSM wants to celebrate and share your success.

My vision it to make our publication a necessity for anyone and everyone involved in digital signage. If you see an amazing application, send over a high-res photo and tell me where you saw it. I want our readers to drive the success of the magazine so that your voices are heard!

Camille Burch

Let's connect—shoot me an email or @ me on Twitter and let me hear your ideas. I'm ready to be inspired by you, our readers.

Camille Burch can be reached at or @burch_cam.

Camille Burch

Camille Burch is a creative thinker, marketing strategist, and award-winning writer. She is the current editor of Digital Signage Magazine