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The Goods: New Products for Problem-Solving Tech Managers

The Goods: New Products for Problem-Solving Tech Managers


The What: The Hall Research EMXAMP is a 4K HDMI Audio Extractor with EDID management and a built-in 50 watt audio amplifier for direct connection of 8 ohm speakers. The device also provides line-level stereo Aux audio input and allows audio mixing of HDMI audio with the Aux input. Volume can be controlled from the front panel, RS-232, or an external digital rotary pot (encoder) that can be mounted on a wall-plate.
The What Else: A second independent RS-232 output port can be used to control other devices such as a video projector. Using the primary RS-232 input, the user can send power on/off commands to the display through the secondary RS-232 port. The USB port can be used to configure EDID and update the firmware. The EMX-AMP can be used as a stand-alone control system since it has the ability to store power ON and OFF commands for connected displays.
The Bonus: An IP enabled version is also available (Model EMX-I-AMP) which adds the ability to control volume, Aux input mix, and control power of connected display. The EMX-I-AMP features built-in WebGUI that can be accessed from any PC or smartphone, and it also includes a full set of Telnet commands for advanced installations with 3rd party LAN-based control systems.


The What: Crestron’s DigitalMedia now supports the Dante audio networking protocol with its new input and output blades for 64X64 and 128X128 DM matrix switchers.
The What Else: Now shipping, the 4K HDMI and Dante Input Blade for DM Switchers (DMB-4K-I-HD-DNT) provides eight HDMI inputs, while the 4K HDMI and Dante Output Blade for DM Switchers (DMB-4K-O-HD-DNT) provides eight HDMI outputs with built-in 4K scaling. CEC embedded device control is possible with the addition of a control system. A common application is for use with videoconference systems. Send content from a source—a laptop, for example—and connect it to the HDMI port of the DMB-4KI-HD-DNT; internal processing extracts the HD audio and outputs as Dante over Ethernet through the LAN port on the DM CPU blade. The audio is then sent to a local DSP (new Avia DSPs with Dante support from Crestron coming soon) in a conference room, which mixes the program audio with the microphones.
The Bottom Line: According to a company’s statement, “Dante is the preferred industry networking protocol for transmitting HD audio over ethernet, adopted by more pro audio AV manufacturers than any other networking technology. Now, with these two new blades, seamless, fully digital integration and interoperability with DM, the industry standard for managing and distributing AV and control signals is possible.”


The What: PureLink has added the HOF1 Tx/Rx and OLC III Tx/Rx One-Fiber Extension Systems for HDMI and DVI to its line of HDTools long-range extension solutions. Both models feature modular/detachable transmitter and receiver pairs that simplify integration and ensure fast, secure communication between input and output devices.
The What Else: The HOF1 Tx/Rx provides reliable extension of Ultra HD/4K HDMI, embedded audio, RS-232, and bi-directional IR to distances up to 1,000 meters, all over a single-strand multimode fiber optic cable. The OLC III Tx/Rx extends DVI content up to 300 meters using multi-mode fiber optic cabling to deliver high-speed, HD video signals, EDID data, and HDCP over fiber in real time. The HOF1 Tx/Rx HD supports resolutions up to Ultra HD/4K (4096x2160 at 24/25/30Hz) to distances up to 1,000 meters. HDCP 2.2 compliant, it supports a variety of audio formats, including LPCM 7.1 audio, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio, features full 3D compatibility, and auto-EDID management. It has a built-in repeater to correct and enhance signal quality, and locking power supplies.
The Bottom Line: Both the HOF1 Tx/Rx and OLC III Tx/Rx extension systems can be combined with PureLink’s TotalWire two-strand or four-strand LC-terminated fiber optic cables to maintain lossless signal transport and optimum picture quality.


The What: Atlona is now shipping its eight-output 4K/UHD distribution amplifier, featuring display control and HDBaseT range up to 70 meters.
The What Else: The AT-UHD-CAT-8 features HDMI-to-HDBaseT distribution of 4K/UHD at 60Hz/4:2:0 video, HDBaseT transmission up to 70 meters, HDCP 2.2 support, and power over ethernet (PoE). The AT-UHD-CAT-8 also provides EDID management and advanced display control functions through Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) for use with home TVs. In addition to HDBaseT outputs, the new DA provides an HDMI output for signal pass-through and daisy-chaining, and it is equipped with one IR and RS-232 connection for the amp as well as one for each output channel.
The Bottom Line: With the AT-UHD-CAT-8, Atlona is now shipping the complete line of 4K/UHD distribution amplifiers introduced earlier this year. The AT-UHD-CAT-8, which is rack-mountable and fits in one full-width single RU space, has a suggested retail price of $2,299.99.

The What:
CAD Audio is shipping the CADLive 3000 wireless system, designed to provide unmatched RF performance, audio quality, and operational flexibility.
The What Else: The CADLive 3000 system operates in the 500MHz band for frequency agility and RF stability. Proprietary CAD ScanLink technology with infrared transmitter setup allows the user to precisely scan, select, and link to the optimum channel in any RF environment. True Diversity operation minimizes multipath interference, while CADLock Automatic Tone Encoded Squelch eliminates unauthorized transmissions in the signal path. The 3000 system receiver and transmitters are equipped with an LCD display and full RF, AF, battery life, mic sensitivity, and RF power metering.
The Bottom Line: All CADLive transmitters feature selectable transmit power of 10/30/50mW. In addition, the handheld transmitter features all-metal construction and a CADLive D90 Supercardioid dynamic vocal mic element for articulate sound in high-SPL situations.


The What: The Lumens Integration VC-B20UA HD PTZ USB camera along with a speakerphone kit supports USB 3.0 for non-compressed and no latency 1080p/60Hz video. The kit comes with a Jabra USB speakerphone.
The What Else: Additionally, the speakerphone kit comes with a built-in omnidirectional microphone. The voice coverage is 360 degrees, enabling hands-free collaboration and allows attendees to hear and be heard from all angles. The camera can be controlled remotely by software through USB and RS-232. The VCB20UA camera and speakerphone kit is applicable for videoconferencing in a huddle room or medium-sized conference room.
The Bottom Line: The VC-B20UA HD PTZ USB camera and speakerphone kit are priced at $1,375.00 MSRP and will be available in Q3. The VC-AC03 wall-mount accessory for the camera is available for purchase.


The What: BenQ has introduced the BenQ MH750 Colorific projector to its professional business-class lineup.
The What Else: The BenQ MH750 boasts full HD resolution, 4,500 ANSI lumens of brightness and a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio. The projector also features dual HDMI inputs, ensuring convenient and flexible switching between two inputs, as well as MHL connectivity, allowing users to stream content from any smartphone or tablet instantly. For full HD wireless streaming, the optional QCast harnesses the power of nearfield communications (NFC) technology, allowing users to easily stream 1080p multimedia content from their smart devices. Presentations are further supported by a built-in 10W speaker, and other features include 1.3x zoom, corner fit, as well as 2D and auto vertical keystone correction.
The Bottom Line: Providing a low total cost of ownership, the projector features BenQ’s SmartEco technology, which automatically adjusts lamp power to deliver energy savings of up to 70 percent without any compromise in picture quality.


The What: Martin Audio has started to ship the CDD-LIVE! Series from its British factory. CDD-LIVE! features the company’s patented Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology for high performance, fidelity, coverage, and consistency.
The What Else: The CDDLIVE! incorporates a powerful electronics module, onboard DSP, Class D amplification, and Dante digital audio networking with VU-NET compatibility to simplify setup, enhance control, and eliminate amplifier racks. The line includes the CDD-LIVE 8, 12, and 15 two-way powered loudspeakers, as well as the CSX-LIVE 118 and 218 powered subwoofers.
The Bottom Line: The CDD-LIVE! range is suitable for both live sound and permanent installation applications.

The What:
Video Mount Products (VMP) has launched its new ERWEN-6E 19-inch wall rack enclosure.
The What Else: The ERWEN-6E features welded steel construction and ships fully assembled. It works with all standard 19-inch rack equipment and accessories, and features 16 inches of usable depth. It has adjustable front and rear rails, with numbered spaces with standard 10-32 threading. The enclosure features top and bottom vents and cable routing knockouts, removable hinged back panel and side panels (with optional locks), and a reversible hinged tempered glass front door. The ERWEN-6E comes in a black powder coat finish and features a load capacity of 120 pounds.
The Bottom Line: Now shipping, the 6U ERWEN-6E has an MSRP of $339.00.


The What: Audio Performance launched its new MX Series, a multipurpose coaxial loudspeaker system available in passive, active, or self-powered versions, all in a compact, lightweight package.
The What Else: Developed and manufactured in Echallens, Switzerland, the MX Series delivers a sound reinforcement solution designed to fulfill the high demands of audio professionals for both the fixed installation and rental production markets. With three different models, containing 8, 12, or 15-inch coaxial drivers, the MX Series is well suited to sound reinforcement applications in concert halls, live concerts, auditoriums, conference rooms, and theaters.
The Bottom Line: The MX Series has been designed for use with the AP5000 amplified controller. A wide variety of presets are available across the entire MX range providing the sound designer with creative freedom for any application in theaters, clubs, concert halls, broadcast, and multipurpose facilities.


The What: Focusrite has launched the Clarett OctoPre, a new eight-channel mic pre with AD and DA conversion.
The What Else: The Clarett OctoPre includes eight of the Clarett range’s Airenabled mic pres: the Air effect emulates the transformerbased sound of Focusrite’s ISA range of heritage mic pres. The preamps include extensive headroom, making them well suited for drums or other highlevel signals. The rear-panel inputs switch automatically between mic and line in, and there are also two instrument DI inputs on the front panel. The Air effect can be switched in or out on a channel basis and phantom power is also provided, switchable in two groups of four channels. Each channel features a balanced path from input to output plus a frontpanel switchable, electronically balanced, relaybypassed insert point allowing EQ, compression, or other analog processing to be left connected and brought into play with the push of a button.
The Bottom Line: Designed to allow the rapid addition of eight mic/line inputs and line outputs, Clarett Octopre integrates easily with the company’s Clarett range of audio interfaces, and other interfaces that include ADAT optical I/O. The OctoPre will begin shipping in November.


The What: The J3-94 is the newest member of the company’s Jericho Horn Series, designed for high-SPL demands in applications such as stadiums and concert venues.
The What Else: The J3-94 is a tri-amped cabinet that uses four amp channels: two for the lows, one for the mids, and one for the highs. There are 18 drivers in the horn: six 15-inch woofers, eight 6.5-inch mids, and four 1.4-inch highs with built-in overload protection. It can be easily flown by many different standard lifts or towers and comes standard with 3/8-inch fly points on top and bottom and L track on the sides.
The Bottom Line: The Danley J3-94 delivers 142dB of continuous output using 18 drivers that combine using Danley’s patented technologies to produce a single phase-coherent signal with “home hi-fi quality” intelligibility and musical impact. Like the original J1-94, the J3-94 produces a 90-degree horizontal by 40-degree vertical beam width (with Danley’s characteristically steep drop-off outside that beam). However, the new J3-94 is nearly half the J1-94’s weight, with slightly less bass output as the compromise.

The What:
NewTek is now shipping the TalkShow VS 4000, a professional, multichannel video calling production system for both SDI and IP workflows, designed exclusively for conducting multiple live, production-ready Skype video calls simultaneously.
The What Else: TalkShow VS 4000 is a facility-class, 1RU rack-mountable hardware unit with four-in, four-out industry-standard I/O for integration into SDI workflows and IP video workflows via NDI, NewTek’s Network Device Interface technology. It features standalone call control and production control interfaces for independent call management and technical configuration. Comprehensive, behind-the-scenes video, audio, communication, and monitoring capabilities are included. TalkShow VS 4000 takes advantage of Skype TX 4 from Microsoft. More flexible and scalable than its predecessor, Skype TX 4 offers broadcasters and media partners the ability to integrate multiple studio-grade Skype video calls into a broadcast workflow.
The Bottom Line: NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 integrates multichannel video calling to enable instant connection and live interaction online via Skype to facilitate compelling conversation and in-depth discussion between multiple remote guests in real time, regardless of location.


The What: Middle Atlantic Products has added new value-oriented IP solutions to its power hardware lineup, the Select Series PDU with RackLink.
The What Else: The series is comprised of five 15-amp models in wide-ranging form factors: two-outlet compact, four-outlet rackmount, nine-outlet rackmount, 10-outlet low-profile vertical, and 16-outlet vertical. All form factors are enabled with RackLink technology, creating a simple and cost-effective solution that puts intelligent control of power distribution at a manager or integrator’s fingertips, anywhere in the world. With intuitive setup and operation, preemptive problem notification, and automatic problem resolution, Select Series PDU with RackLink is designed to maximize system reliability and uptime, according to the company.
The Bottom Line: Suited for small to large enclosures in residential, commercial, and security applications, the Select Series PDU with RackLink offers versatile vertical, compact, and traditional rackmount form factors that simplify installation and reduce the cost of service by providing intelligent power optimized for AV systems.


The What: The Roland V-1SDI video switcher is a new compact and portable switcher that can accommodate 3G-SDI and HDMI audio/video sources with resolutions up to 1080p and features a host of professional compositing effects and down-stream key (DSK) capabilities.
The What Else: The Roland V-1SDI provides switching for professional 3G-SDI cameras and playback sources, along with HDMI sources including cameras, smartphones, computers, tablets, and Blu-ray players. It has two dedicated 3G-SDI inputs, a third channel input that supports 3G-SDI or HDMI, and a fourth channel HDMI input that also includes scaling. Inputs 1 to 3 of the V-1SDI support 1080p/1080i/720p video resolutions with input 4’s scaler supporting a wider range of video and VESA resolutions. This makes the V-1SDI well suited in a variety of configurations for both all-camera applications and applications that mix cameras, video sources, and computer data sources.
The Bottom Line: The V-1SDI features a clean, intuitive control layout with multi-function buttons and knobs and a large T-Fader for key and transition operations. It features rugged construction for long-term reliability, even under the most demanding conditions of portable and professional use.


The What: The Sennheiser AMBEO VR microphone is designed to record high-quality 3D audio for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content.
The What Else: The AMBEO VR Mic is an Ambisonics microphone that uses four carefully selected, matched capsules in a tetrahedral arrangement. It is fully balanced and powered by 4x 48 volts phantom powering. The handheld microphone comes complete with a split cable with four color-coded and labelled XLR connectors according to the capsule position, a Rycote suspension mount, and a foam windshield. Also included is the necessary encoding software that translates the A format file generated from the recording of the four microphone channels into a B format file W, X, Y, and Z. This format is recognised in the Ambisonics world, the W component being the omni and the X, Y, Z components being figure-of-eight capsules along three spatial axes. The microphone will become commercially available in November 2016.


The What: The EK-300 Meeting Room Series Projectors feature 3LCD design and encompasses three models: the flagship EK-300U with 5,000 ANSI lumens brightness and WUXGA resolution, the EK-301W with 5,100 lumens and WXGA resolution, and the EK-302X with 5,600 lumens and XGA resolution.
The What Else: The EK-300 Series is well suited for applications with frequent mobile participation, as it offers HDMI with MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), allowing the projectors to display HD content from smartphones and tablets. The line includes convenient 1.29–2.11:1 throw-to-width manual zoom and focus lens, as well as lens shift capabilities, with manual adjustments of up to 45 percent vertical and 10 percent horizontal, and corner keystone correction. For connecting to a variety of sources, these projectors are compatible with inputs up to UXGA and WUXGA. This series also features support for Crestron RoomView and AMX Device Discovery technology.
The Bottom Line: Common to all three models in the EK-300 Series is an 8,000:1 contrast ratio, allowing for detailed images for numbers, pictures, graphs, text, or video.


The What: The TechLogix TL-INCT-01 automated controller is a compact device designed to replace expensive and complicated control systems with turnkey, hands-free automation.
The What Else: This controller “senses” any HDMI activity in the room and automatically outputs control commands to connected devices via built-in CEC, RS-232, and relay controllers. Commands are fully customizable and simultaneously output via an HDMI port (CEC), RS-232 port, and/or dual logic relay ports.
The Bottom Line: The TL-INCT-01 was designed to be incorporated into any environment using HDMI signals, to automate the connection of hardwired sources and portable BYOD tablets, laptops, and phones.