New Products For Problem-Solving Tech Managers

New Products For Problem-Solving Tech Managers


THE WHAT: Eiki International is offering the EK-610U, EK-611W, and EK-612X Conference Series Projectors. Utilizing single-chip DLP technology for vivid imagery and enhanced color reproduction, the flagship EK-610U delivers 6,500 ANSI Lumens and WUXGA resolution while the EK-611W is a 6,500 ANSI Lumens system with WXGA resolution. The EK-612X offers 7,000 ANSI Lumens with XGA resolution. All three models can be outfitted with five available interchangeable lenses and display both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios while supporting most HDTV resolutions—making these projectors a solid choice for conference rooms, lecture halls, worship facilities, and similar environments.

THE WHAT ELSE: All three projectors deliver 90 percent uniformity and a 4,400:1 contrast ratio with 24-bit color reproduction for 16.7 million colors. Also notable, the maximum pitch on all three systems is up to 360-degrees. All three projectors offer HDBaseT, HDMI, and DVI-D connectivity to ensure connectivity into contemporary AV environments as well as HDCP compliance to prevent unwanted copying of content.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Steve Rubery, Eiki’s National Sales Manager, offered the following on the company’s new projector offerings, “The Eiki EK-610U, EK-611W, and EK-612X make an exceptional choice for midrange to large venue spaces where first class color reproduction and rich, detailed images are essential. The ability to display content in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios makes these projectors a great choice and, with Eiki’s rich assortment of interchangeable lenses, they are well suited to just about any projection task one is likely to encounter. AV integrators will certainly appreciate their support for Crestron or AMX automation—making all three models a great choice for inclusion in their system designs.”

HOW MUCH? MSRP EK-610U: $5995.00; EK-611W: $4295.00; EK-612X: $4295.00



THE WHAT: FSR is offering its Revolution Table Solutions, a series that supports the integration of AV, IT, and power all in the same box. The addition of the Revolution line enables FSR to provide square, round, rectangular, and table edge box options that feature retractors, USB charging, AC, AV, Touch Panel Control and more.

THE LINE: The Revolution Table Solutions line features both square and rectangular options to complement FSR’s popular T6 Table Box family. There are five versions available that can use FSR’s existing T6 Table Box insert brackets and the company’s full line of TBRT cable retractors. The various internal brackets available are designed to contain AC, USB Chargers, Cable Pulls, TBRT cable retractors, snap-in keystone connectors, or FSR’s Intelligent Plate Solutions (IPS). Available in a black powder-coat finish, the RT6 table boxes are ETL Listed and expressly designed to match any décor.

THE WHAT ELSE: The RT6-S3 Table Box is a square box with spacing for any three brackets mounted vertically to suit individual applications, and the RT6-S4 Table Box, a rectangular box with spacing for any four brackets mounted vertically. Both can hold up to 8 TBRT cable retractors and still have space for AC and USB chargers as well. The RT6-R2 Table Box is rectangular with spacing for any two brackets mounted horizontally, or it can be configured to hold 4 or 8 TBRT cable retractors. The RT6-RD4 Table Box, also rectangular, incorporates spacing for any two brackets mounted horizontally on opposite sides of the box providing 2 brackets per side with individual covers for each side, or it can be designed to hold up to 4 TBRT cable retractors (2 on each side) and still have space for AC and USB chargers as well.



THE WHAT: The Monarch LCS accepts video from any SDI or HDMI camera and presentation content from computers over HDMI. The inputs can be encoded independently and in sync for use with the latest multi-stream video players. Alternatively, the inputs can be combined prior to encoding in a variety of production layouts, including picture-in-picture and side-by-side, for use with standard video players.

THE WHAT ELSE: The Monarch LCS accepts video from any SDI or HDMI camera and presentation content from computers over HDMI. The inputs can be encoded independently and in sync for use with the latest multi-stream video players. Alternatively, the inputs can be combined prior to encoding in a variety of production layouts, including picture-in-picture and side-by-side, for use with standard video players.

WHY THIS MATTERS: “Video is an integral part of the modern classroom, and easily delivering content from educator to student is a challenge that Monarch LCS solves,” said Dan Maloney, technical marketing manager, Matrox Video. “Monarch LCS is an affordable solution that efficiently syncs the three aspects of a high-quality lecture: video of the instructor, audio of the spoken information, and high-resolution, computer-generated content such as slides or media presented in the physical classroom.”

BOTTOM LINE: Monarch LCS is a reliable, standalone network appliance that IT administrators should find easy to set up and integrate into video management systems (VMS), such as Opencast and Kaltura, and learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle. An intuitive web interface lets users define profiles for live streamed and recorded lectures, mixing camera and presentation material from SDI and HDMI sources.



The USB3-33H4 by Hall Research is a USB 3.0 active extension cable with Hub enables you to connect to multiple devices up to 10m / 33ft away. The USB3-33H4 supports data transfer rates up to 5Gbps and is fully backwards compatible with 2.0 / 1.1 devices. An additional power supply is provided for connecting devices that need more power such as USB HDD, PTZ cameras, etc.


THE WHAT: Shure’s Microflex Advance Ceiling (MXA910) and Table (MXA310) Array microphones are now shipping. This portfolio of premium networked ceiling and table array microphones, audio interfaces, and control software for enhanced AV conferencing are designed to integrate easily into premium meeting space aesthetics.

THE WHAT ELSE: The MXA910 is a networked array microphone that captures clear audio from above the meeting space with Shure proprietary Steerable Coverage technology, enabling up to eight lobes that are configurable in three dimensions. Designed for AV conferencing environments, from boardrooms to huddle rooms, and multipurpose spaces, the MXA910 can be flush-mounted in any standard ceiling tile grid. In addition, the MXA910 can also be installed below the ceiling with standard VESA-D and wire hanging mounts. The MXA310 captures high-quality audio and provides flexibility in varying AV conferencing environments. Within the onboard IntelliMix DSP Suite, the company’s proprietary Steerable Coverage technology deploys up to four discrete audio channels around a table and uses an innovative new “toroid” ring-shaped pattern to reject unwanted artifacts from overhead such as HVAC or projector fans. Programmable capacitive-touch mute switches ensure simple user operation with the ability to customize LED color and shape to indicate microphone status.

Offering easy and efficient analog to digital/digital to analog conversion, the four Shure Audio Network Interfaces (ANI4IN and ANI4OUT) are also shipping and provide audio routing in and out of the Dante-networked audio domain.



THE WHAT: Altinex is offering its Anywire TP315-101 and TP315-102 Transmitter / Receiver System. The new Anywire video transmission system is designed to be capable of sending 1080p/60 Hz HDMI signal over any type of copper wire, including speaker wire, low voltage wires, any type of CAT wires, coaxial wires, and more. Anywire facilitates the transmission of live video and computer video signals with synchronized audio over long distances, even without the presence of CAT6 cable.

BUT HOW DOES IT WORK? The TP315-101 HDMI over Anywire transmitter facilitates the transmission of 1080p HDMI signals up to 600 feet using a simple 2-conductor cable. The TP315-102 HDMI over Anywire receiver allows the receipt of 1080p HDMI signals up to 600 feet using a simple 2-conductor cable. A single TP315-101 transmitter is capable of driving up to four TP315-102 receivers using either four individual wire pairs over 600 feet each, or by daisy chaining the receivers.

THE WHAT ELSE: The Altinex TP315-101 transmitter and TP315-102 receiver create an economical solution for many audiovisual installations. The 2 wire solution makes installation easy—without the need to cut and splice wires and install expensive connectors or purchase costly cables. Integrators need only to route the wires, cut and trim the installation, and connect to the terminals. The design of the Anywire video transmission system provides stable video over greater distances than other designs. IR pass-through for receiver side to transmitter side control is provided without corrupting the HDMI signal during transmission of IR signals. Operation does not require any user control or interaction. Just connect the Anywire input and when the transmitter detects the receiver, the receiver begins video transmission to the display.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Jack Gershfeld, president of Altinex, commented on the company’s new Anywire video transmission system, “Our new Anywire transmitter converts HDMI signals into a serial data stream. This data stream is then encoded for transmission over any copper media—making the entire setup very intuitive to use. Further, the TP315-101 transmitter incorporates a local video output to support a local monitor. The local monitor enables the user on the transmitter side to know what is being presented on the far side of the installation. Equally important, both transmitter and receiver have integrated power supplies and compact form factors so as to be easily hidden.”

The Altinex Anywire TP315-101 and TP315-102 Transmitter / Receiver System is available now. MSRP is as follows: TP315-101 transmitter: $375; TP315-102 receiver: $375


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